Words Remain Unspoken

Some received it last month. Others just posted early this week that they already have it. Different people. Different ways of sharing their thoughts. Different messages of gratification. One common response. They're all happy - laughing so hard on what they've just read. I'm drowning with envy. Since the day I went back to Manila,… Continue reading Words Remain Unspoken

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Poison and Prisoner

Early this week at twelve midnight, I received this text message from an unknown sender: "Hi good evening. I just wanted to apologize for ignoring you last time when we met. It has kept me burdened for ignoring you, for still having bitterness inside me, for having an unforgiving heart. And by these, I realize… Continue reading Poison and Prisoner



Exactly how I feel right now. 😭


I have always been someone’s shortstop before he finds his one true love. That unknown detour deep in the woods. A road he thought might give him a taste of freedom — only to find his way back to his old path.

I have always been that beggar on the streets who hopes that someone will not just lend me coins, but also a love that I have never felt before. That feeling of someone accepting you for who you are despite all the mess you went through and the rags you wore just to make it through the day.

I have always been that weeping bride whose happy ending is not going to happen anymore because her groom has found someone better. That feeling of someone rejecting you before you could even say “I do” just because he is scared of having you around for the rest of his…

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When Meeting Up Over A Cup Of Coffee Doesn’t Mean Business Networking

"I'm not open-minded." This was the exact statement I jokily told them beforehand; and in this particular situation, jokes are indeed, half meant. Or maybe more than half? HAHAHA. Friday morning when I received a notification about bloggers’ meet up somewhere in SM Megamall and I instantly expressed my interest to join the event. Apparently,… Continue reading When Meeting Up Over A Cup Of Coffee Doesn’t Mean Business Networking

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Srsly, Are You Really Happy?

"If you want to be truly happy, give up your self and think about others." Life is a bunch of chaos and is really overwhelming. While you're on the end portion of sorting some things out, another twist will surprise you – sucking all the strength you’ve been saving – leaving you tired and restless. I… Continue reading Srsly, Are You Really Happy?