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Video Blog 02: Summer Getaway 2017

It has been long planned by Pedro and Regina Enriquez clan to treat these kiddos to a superb summer outing because of their excellent performances in the last school year. But due to the conflict of schedules, we ended up arranging the event just before the classes start last May 27-28 at Galilee Wonderland Waterpark and… Continue reading Video Blog 02: Summer Getaway 2017


Rhea Angeline_Bday 2016

Inspired by my favorite bloggers, Nicole Andersson and Laureen Uy, coached by editing guru, dear Joyah and empowered by Power Director application, I humbly present to you the videos I've been practicing with since the start of this month of October and sharing as well the celebrations and happening on my last birthday. 🙂 Partying with… Continue reading Rhea Angeline_Bday 2016