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Last Resort: Unkindness | A Review On Doodlebox_ph

The "Three Gates of Speech" taught us that before we speak, we should ask ourselves... Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? While the first two are easy to identify, experience taught us that being and remaining kind is at it's hardest when pointing out necessary truths to people who are close-minded. .........… Continue reading Last Resort: Unkindness | A Review On Doodlebox_ph

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Nominated: The Awesome Blogger Award

Okay, what's this? Before I begin the series for the month of August, let me publish this one. First, I got the nomination from an equally (well, she's a lot more than me) crazy blogger. Second, her nomination title was "The Awesome Blogger Award Kembular Boom Boom Pak!" So how do you think will I… Continue reading Nominated: The Awesome Blogger Award