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Nominated: The Awesome Blogger Award

Okay, what's this? Before I begin the series for the month of August, let me publish this one. First, I got the nomination from an equally (well, she's a lot more than me) crazy blogger. Second, her nomination title was "The Awesome Blogger Award Kembular Boom Boom Pak!" So how do you think will I… Continue reading Nominated: The Awesome Blogger Award

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Ask Rhea Angeline 02

Every Wednesday, the Philippine Singles Association is implementing the ‪#‎AskPSA‬ program, which serves as an instrument to know each member deeply. We are featuring one member each week and just yesterday, November 11, we had an #AskRhea activity. ... 1. Pres, ano sa tingin mo 'yung pinakamalaking naituro ng buhay sa'yo? 'Yung tipong mapapatigil ka tapos… Continue reading Ask Rhea Angeline 02

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Ask Rhea Angeline 01

Yeah, you may ask me anything at or send me an email at 🙂 To my questioners, here are my answers: Ano ang paborito mong palabas sa TV noong bata ka pa? Ay madami!!! 😀 Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa, Cedie, Ang Munting Prinsipe, Tom Sawyer, Bioman, Maskman, Power Rangers, Takeshi's Castle, Mr. Bogus, Dog… Continue reading Ask Rhea Angeline 01