Giveaway Winners

Before the week ends, let me formally announce the winners of the last giveaway blog I've published for gaining 333 WordPress followers here in Exhibit A. 🙂 ……… 'Wag na nating patagalin pa! The first winner who received Unilab Family Health Kit + The Slow Fix book was bughawblueasul of Ang Aking Imaginary Girlfriend. Q: In the blog,… Continue reading Giveaway Winners


333 WordPress Followers + Giveaways

It happened very fast. 'Twas middle of March when I received a notification that 300 bloggers already followed Exhibit A. I was reminded by the plan when I was just starting this hobby that I'll be writing an appreciation post and offer some giveaways when this site reached 300 followers. (For the elite bloggers out… Continue reading 333 WordPress Followers + Giveaways

Ask Me

Ask Rhea Angeline 05

I received random questions via 🙂 ...... Just being friendly or confirmed paasa? He brought you to his basketball game. He consistently sends you greetings, all day. He sends you home. Dun tayo sa safe. Do not assume unless otherwise stated. Friendly lang siya. 🙂 Does saying “I love you” enough to let your loved one… Continue reading Ask Rhea Angeline 05