Preparing for Battle

#TheSeason is happening again real quick. In fact, it was a bit late this year since one out of the three big items of planning cycle has been discarded. Nevertheless, the anxiety of facing this annual battle once more is slowly sinking in, leaving a pinch of discomfort and uneasiness within me. #ImScared. Thus, these… Continue reading Preparing for Battle

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If I Am, And In The Meantime

I happen to read Marsymallow’s blog and was inspired to write my own list. In the beginning of her published entry, her question was: “If someone walks up to you and asks you, what you TRULY want in life for YOURSELF alone that would GENUINELY make you HAPPY in LIFE and promises to give you… Continue reading If I Am, And In The Meantime


333 WordPress Followers + Giveaways

It happened very fast. 'Twas middle of March when I received a notification that 300 bloggers already followed Exhibit A. I was reminded by the plan when I was just starting this hobby that I'll be writing an appreciation post and offer some giveaways when this site reached 300 followers. (For the elite bloggers out… Continue reading 333 WordPress Followers + Giveaways