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Exhibit A – Top Searches

I accidentally clicked the Stats tab here in WordPress and became interested in the "Search Terms" section of the page. If you're a blogger, you will find here words and phrases that were looked up in Google and other engines that eventually landed on one of your articles. I found out that since I started… Continue reading Exhibit A – Top Searches

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Playing the Infinite Game in 2020

Since end of 2019, I've been reading posts here and there about year-in-review and all these 2020 life goals and objectives in order to get some motivation to write. But like the most part of 2019, I still find it hard to share something and pour my heart out here. I did some assessment to… Continue reading Playing the Infinite Game in 2020

Blog Reviews

Last Resort: Unkindness | A Review On Doodlebox_ph

The "Three Gates of Speech" taught us that before we speak, we should ask ourselves... Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? While the first two are easy to identify, experience taught us that being and remaining kind is at it's hardest when pointing out necessary truths to people who are close-minded. .........… Continue reading Last Resort: Unkindness | A Review On Doodlebox_ph