This Will Be My Last Blog Post

'Twas a great 3-year run in the area of blogging. Kudos to all your write ups and thank you for taking time reading mine. The statement above has been lingering in my thoughts weeks ago. I told a very close friend that I don't want to blog anymore and start doing something else. He said… Continue reading This Will Be My Last Blog Post

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Nominated: The Awesome Blogger Award

Okay, what's this? Before I begin the series for the month of August, let me publish this one. First, I got the nomination from an equally (well, she's a lot more than me) crazy blogger. Second, her nomination title was "The Awesome Blogger Award Kembular Boom Boom Pak!" So how do you think will I… Continue reading Nominated: The Awesome Blogger Award

Year in Review

Stable and Steady: 2016 Yearend Review

"All is well that ends well." As the year is about to end, looking back to it makes me feel happy and fulfilled. It hasn't been perfect, as expected. There were surprises that made my knees fall to the ground. There were unexpected happenings that brought me worries and anxieties for some time. Nevertheless, God's… Continue reading Stable and Steady: 2016 Yearend Review