On Losing And Gaining

"Ang ganda naman ng hikaw mo. Blue ba 'yan o green?," a random colleague asked me while we're lining at the ATM of Unilab's main reception early this afternoon. 'Twas a dangling earing I bought in Cambodia way back 2013, when I am thirdwheeling and my heart is on the process of healing. It's pretty,… Continue reading On Losing And Gaining


Words Remain Unspoken

Some received it last month. Others just posted early this week that they already have it. Different people. Different ways of sharing their thoughts. Different messages of gratification. One common response. They're all happy - laughing so hard on what they've just read. I'm drowning with envy. Since the day I went back to Manila,… Continue reading Words Remain Unspoken

Life Lessons · Relationships

A Forgiveness Project: To Be Forgiven Is To Forgive

Everyone, at some point, has been hurt by and has caused pain to someone. Oftentimes, a sincere apology could mend a broken heart and could put things back to its own place. Though there are instances when sorry, however genuine it may be, won’t be enough to patch wounds and restore relationships. Which is harder,… Continue reading A Forgiveness Project: To Be Forgiven Is To Forgive