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From Awww To Argh To Aha!

Revelations, followed by frustrations, then realizations – with the end in mind to choose what’s best for everyone. AWWW. I’ve been receiving information lately that caught my attention. Some almost made it hard for me to sleep, or go back to sleep after waking up from a shorter than the normal number of hours of… Continue reading From Awww To Argh To Aha!

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Leave A Legacy

10 out of 10 individuals will experience death. This is an absolute truth regardless of gender, age and race. 10 out of 10 individuals won't be notified with the exact date and time of their death. This is the fact that we have to embrace however harsh it may seem. In my own humble opinion,… Continue reading Leave A Legacy

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Test of Patience, Test of Love

The world today revolves wherein almost every thing can be done in an instant. Because if not, somebody will invent something to make it fast and minimize at least, if cannot eliminate, the time of waiting. I personally do not enjoy long over-the-counter queues, thus, I am an advocate of online banking. I do not… Continue reading Test of Patience, Test of Love

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Srsly, Are You Really Happy?

"If you want to be truly happy, give up your self and think about others." Life is a bunch of chaos and is really overwhelming. While you're on the end portion of sorting some things out, another twist will surprise you – sucking all the strength you’ve been saving – leaving you tired and restless. I… Continue reading Srsly, Are You Really Happy?

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Sorry For The Times That I Am Ungrateful

It was a fine afternoon when a young boy and his aunt were traversing from home to attend a Bible Study. Unexpectedly, a motorcycle crashed onto their car and left both of them dumbfounded. When the aunt went back to the driver’s seat after settling the road accident, she uttered, “I wonder why God didn’t… Continue reading Sorry For The Times That I Am Ungrateful

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I’m Tired And I’m Grateful

‘Twas a tough week, seriously. I wasn’t sure if I’m happy with that 3-day work week or what. I’m so tired. My whole body is actually chillin’ right now and I don’t know if this pink pen will make some difference on how I feel at this exact moment. “Lord, I’m tired.” “Beks, pagoda.” Nothing… Continue reading I’m Tired And I’m Grateful