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When toilet bowl seems so comforting

It has been a custom with my friends for years now to greet ‘good morning’ through sending photos of ourselves wherever we are and whatever we do. More often than not, I am always in the toilet bowl doing my business the moment I open the group chat and check what’s happening to them. Don’t… Continue reading When toilet bowl seems so comforting

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Lost And Found

While pulling out the charger of my laptop on the socket below my office desk this afternoon, I saw the missing piece of pearl earing I lost last Friday. It has been my favorite accessory due to its simplicity and I was a bit lonely when I found out that the one in my right… Continue reading Lost And Found

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Flashlight of Hope

Journal Entry June 26, 2017 No matter how many times I watch it, the ending performance of Barden Bella on Pitch Perfect 2 makes my eyes perspire. No matter how many times I've seen it, SM Town's ending song entitled Hope touches my heart. The similarity? I see people coming together. UNITED AS ONE.… Continue reading Flashlight of Hope

Christian Walk · Life Lessons

I Am Okay… Or Am I Not?

Journal Entry July 21, 2017 - noon It's already the third day of CCF Midyear Prayer & Fasting week. I'm in the comfort of my yellow sweater but feels cold in my knees wearing my black ripped jeans. It's raining like crazy outside the office. Munching this short-dated Ritter Sport Whole Almond Chocolate before lunch… Continue reading I Am Okay… Or Am I Not?