On Losing And Gaining

"Ang ganda naman ng hikaw mo. Blue ba 'yan o green?," a random colleague asked me while we're lining at the ATM of Unilab's main reception early this afternoon. 'Twas a dangling earing I bought in Cambodia way back 2013, when I am thirdwheeling and my heart is on the process of healing. It's pretty,… Continue reading On Losing And Gaining

Life Lessons · Personal Leadership

I Got Bruised Again

I never learned my lesson.  The clumsy me strikes once again early this morning. Nope, I'm not sleepy anymore as I already took a bath that moment. Nope, I went to bed on time and had a good 7-hour sleep. I’m just so inelegant on the way I act and move, especially when I’m home… Continue reading I Got Bruised Again

Life Lessons · Personal Leadership

Srsly, Are You Really Happy?

"If you want to be truly happy, give up your self and think about others." Life is a bunch of chaos and is really overwhelming. While you're on the end portion of sorting some things out, another twist will surprise you – sucking all the strength you’ve been saving – leaving you tired and restless. I… Continue reading Srsly, Are You Really Happy?