Is nCov the real virus?

While heading back home after the National Business Conference I attended at Hilton Hotel this week, I finally saw the outside world following the announcement that there is already a confirmed novel Coronavirus patient here in the Philippines. I passed through BGC and recognized that the scare is real as evident by all the commuters and pedestrians who are walking with their masks on.

Apocalyptic feels. Terrifying.


Questions flowed in my mind once more, blaming the people of Wuhan, asking why they are eating bats and other dirty animals in the first place, and why they went out from their city that caused the spread of the virus in many parts of the world, including the Philippines?

I scrolled down my Facebook feeds and happen to pass through some posts in relation to the current situation. I saw that some Filipinos are questioning the act of Senator Gordon for helping in the transportation of three million masks donated by a private company to China. They are asking why it has to be China first and not Philippines, without comprehending the whole story. Then as usual, there were severe criticisms against the national government on how they are handling the circumstance, which I prefer not to comment anymore because I am sick of it. And many other rants together with the out of stock issue of masks and alcohols in Bambang, the medical supply capital of Metro Manila, because stores are hoarding it for profit, they say.

Not too long, all the reflections came to my mind as I continue seeing the people outside.

images (2)

I noticed that most Filipinos, including myself, are quick to judge and condemn without really seeking to understand others. I started to evaluate my thoughts and realized that indeed, I am living in the generation wherein entitlement mentality is rampant and at the same time, epidemic.

I started to challenge in my head, how did the person confirm that merchants are hoarding the masks and alcohols for profit? Was she able to establish the truth with evidence herself or is it just a plain doubt and judgment? But then again, I chose not to ask. I remember that Immunpro and Ritemed Sodium Ascorbate were out of stock this week in our company’s medicine vale, but it never occured in my mind that Unilab is hoarding it for profit. Shame on those opportunist sellers who priced their masks high despite the needs of their fellows, yes, but I guess we should not be quick to judge everyone based on what we feel.

Also I thought, what if the virus originated here in us? Will the Filipinos fly away to other countries just like the rumor that there were five million people from Wuhan who escaped before the lock down? Because to be honest, if that thing happens, I admit I will book a flight immediately and will bring my whole family to somewhere safer using all my means.

Same thing, we condemn these Chinese for eating bats and other animals, yet some Filipinos are still eating dog meat, and I confess I was able to try it myself because of my dad and it’s not that bad. Maybe the taste of the bat is also not bad, but I wouldn’t dare to try.

I am not happy with the gross behavior of these Chinese that are associated with them being not hygienic as some of us experienced it first hand. I am not happy with the smell of other nationalities as I encountered them during some of my travels. I am also not approving the rude attitudes of some countries, and the unacceptabe traditions of some ethnic groups, tribes, and nation.

I then realized that it is a reflection of culture, and there is no perfect race because everyone is perceiving and doing things differently.

If all the people around us is doing it, sometimes it is hard for us to know what is right and what is wrong, what is ethical and what is not. We think that no one will judge us. Everyone is doing it, anyway.

And this is now our culture: to talk negatively about others without looking at ourselves first. It is easy to say, “I don’t like this,” “I don’t like that,” “I don’t like him,” “I don’t like her.” And I am not sure if impassively speaking disappointment towards a situation and pointing fingers are the trend nowadays, and it is being advanced at a greater rate because of technology.

images (1)

Digital world did it once again. The influence we have with our connections is the gateway to distribute hate and impart annoyance very quickly without any noticeable symptoms, without medical practitioners’ awareness, and without cure.


Is nCov the real virus? Is it the one who really destroys us?

Is the real virus comes from an external factor or is it originates within us?


The difference? It is not fatal.

So I guess, kebs lang.



P.S. DOH has launched its official webpage dedicated for updating the public on developments surrounding the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

DOH urges the public to stay updated by following the page which may be accessed at: https://www.doh.gov.ph/2019-nCoV

Huwag maniniwala sa fake news. Ito ang pwede niyong i-share!



*Photos from google, DOH Facebook page. Ctto.

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