Siargao 2019

Typing words… deleting. It’s been a cycle for hours now.

I want to share my birthday trip this year but I can’t seem to find the right way of doing it. I thought of telling stories, of describing how Siargao is different from other islands in the Philippines, of what tourists can do and what to expect in it. I even thought of writing a piece about #NoToBodyShaming, about my journey in intermittent fasting, or topic that tells about self-love – then thought of giving insights on the concept that there is a thin line between loving thy self and self-centeredness. So many ideas…

I envy other bloggers who are not having any hard time in expressing themselves. In my case, laziness always wins! I’m blaming the cold atmosphere now… and the festive feels. Hihi.

Having said all these things, I will summarize instead the trip by sharing my favorite photos, the podcast about it, and the travel video. Katamaran. Haha.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These were also posted in my personal IG account. 🙂

Mas mabilis magkwento through podcast. 🙂

Magkano na po ang kilo ng pata ngayon?
Direk, ready na ko sa matured roles! LOL.

Siargao 💙

(Click HD for better viewing)

Shot using: GoPro Hero5 / SJCAM SJ6 Legend
“Yours Truly VIP” by MrFijiWiji (feat. Danyka Nadeau) ©

🎥: Shades Of Wanderer



I’ll end this by sharing the cutest I’ve seen in Siargao. Haha.



11 thoughts on “Siargao 2019

    1. Ang hirap talaga mag organize ng thoughts. It is a new set of skill. THen idagdag pa yung social media scrolling na walang humpay. Patay ang creativity. (in my case. lumala tlaga ako last year haha). Pero looking into the brighter side, at least mukhang successful ang IF mo. Congrats !!!

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