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Last Resort: Unkindness | A Review On Doodlebox_ph

The “Three Gates of Speech” taught us that before we speak, we should ask ourselves…

Is it true?
Is it necessary?
Is it kind?

While the first two are easy to identify, experience taught us that being and remaining kind is at it’s hardest when pointing out necessary truths to people who are close-minded.


Whenever I bump into Facebook rants about irresponsible online sellers/suppliers, I always practice giving them the benefit of the doubt unless the post presented complete, relevant proofs to support its claim. Being an online seller myself, I know the difficulty of dealing with inconsiderate buyers. I sometimes raise an eyebrow for thoughtless requests and uncooperative type of conversation. But as a seller, I know that I should display proper attitude by replying immediately to queries without losing my temper at all times, or maybe I haven’t encountered yet a buyer who is so rude and attacks me in a very improper way.

Anyway, the reason why I am telling these things is because I experienced first hand to be handled by a weird seller (I used the term weird due to lack of more appropriate word). Ms. V, the owner of Doodlebox_ph misunderstood Jhem’s statement, “Jhia’s 3rd birthday,” as “deadline on July 3,” – to whatever reason and how and why, I really cannot comprehend as of this writing.



The two screen shots above clearly show that Ms. V plainly misunderstood Jhem’s answer to her question regarding the layout. I found it weird, seriously. I gave her the highest level of benefit of the doubt thinking that maybe, it was caused by the brownouts they’re suffering days before the inquiry. This minor issue could’ve been settled easily and immediately if both parties were willing to listen and respond appropriately. However, Ms. V resorted to silence and withdrawal, leaving Jhem clueless on whether the transaction will still pursue or not. Deadma at seen lang sa mga messages at follow ups.



Jhem even tried to contact the seller on its FB account but she was blocked without a word. Out of her frustration, she asked for a refund on the 3rd day that she’s being ignored if the transaction will not push through anymore, but if the order is being processed, she said that it can be shipped given the mailing address she provided.

After days of not responding, my friends decided to send messages to Doodlebox_ph’s Instagram account with careful words and utmost respect. Unfortunately, they didn’t get a proper response as well. She wasn’t offline, as per checking. She’s posting updates on IG feeds and stories during the period that she’s not replying to any of them.

Mommy Meg’s message was so sincere and kind, but she got no reply.
She immediately replied to inquiries of Jas, but stopped when Jhem was mentioned.

All these came to my knowledge last Friday when I finally opened the group chat and back read all the conversation they had during the whole week. It was already the 5th day without any response from Ms. V and I was very disappointed. Still wanting to end the transaction in smooth and pleasant way, I asked for her contact number because in my mind, it would be easier to talk to her over the phone so we could avoid further misunderstanding and settle the issue immediately. But to no avail, I haven’t found any.

It was not difficult to find her personal Facebook account, as my past self was brought into life again to do extensive research of individuals and connections. I still didn’t get any clue on her contact information and I thought, if I will send her a message via IG, FB page or her personal accounts, I will be receiving the same treatment as my friends. I will also get seen or deadma. 

I knew right then and there that I have to do something extraordinary; something that will really get her attention and will leave her no other choice but to communicate with Jhem.

The “Three Gates of Speech” taught us that before we speak, we should ask ourselves…

Is it true?
Is it necessary?
Is it kind?

While the first two are easy to identify, experience taught us that being and remaining kind is at it’s hardest when pointing out necessary truths to people who are close-minded.

When I saw a rant in one of her FB posts, I knew that it was the best venue to implement my grandest plan. I typed a message on the comment box, deleted some words, typed again, re-word some, edit some, read and read and read again carefully, and finally clicked the Send button. I’m telling you, it wasn’t easy for me. Until the very last second of posting it, I’m still having doubts if that’s the right thing to do.


I don’t want to justify what I did. In fact, I am so much willing to say sorry once the issue has been settled. As expected, she immediately replied to Jhem after blocking me in Facebook.

We were bewildered the moment Jhem sent screen shots of their conversation. I was seriously in shock on how Ms. V responded and insisted her belief that Jhem is at fault from the beginning. “May tao pala talagang ganun,” I uttered.



You cannot pay for the stress you’ve caused, though. One friend even said, “Either engot talaga siya or pinanindigan na lang niya kasi napahiya siya.

Thoughts are coming into my mind hours after the happening. Is Ms. V real? Isn’t she really a scammer? Where did the conversation go wrong? How did she comprehend “Jhia’s 3rd birthday” as something “needed on July 3”? Is she dislexic? Why does it have to be 13, 3 and 3rd in the first place? Is it because of the “Ay”? I really don’t know.

On the other hand, will it be different if I didn’t click the comment button? Or if I paraphrased my message into something kinder? Will she even reply if I was kind? Why didn’t she reply to Mommy Meg’s super kind message after all? Siya pa talaga yung galit until the end? Is something going on in her life? I need to understand. Haha.

Most of the time, seeing someone with remorse or repentance is already enough even without a personal apology. Too bad that sometimes, you cannot have either.

At the end of the day, my question really is why does it have to be me? LOL.

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