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Tol, gusto ko na ulit umakyat ng bundok

I happen to read one meme in Facebook that says (non-verbatim), “There are two reasons why people are climbing a mountain: One, to fall in love with someone; second, to get over from the pain of falling in love and breaking-up with someone.”

This was true when I joined the hikers of Mt. Batulao last February with my friend, Gracey. It was her, not me, who’s yearning to move forward immediately from a recent heartbreak. I, wanting to go on a trip without the usual people that I tend to depend on during those moments to conclude another nakakamature na experience in order to prove to myself that I am still that strong and independent woman that I used to be, pushed her to come with me. That time, I was the sunbae to Gracey in terms of hiking and trekking.

It was five months ago when we traversed Mt. Batulao with team of Kuya Ishmael. The sun was screeching hot that time and compared to Mt. Daguldol, Mt. Batulao is more open to sun rays and sunburns. The journey was quite hard, with rock climbing on one side and I remember how I texted a friend with “wish you were here” message for I know that I will feel more reassured and protected if he’s around. At the same time, I know I badly needed that hike without the typical people in my life back then to clear my mind for some things that bothered me big time during those days.

I did it, anyway. I was able to finish the climb without injury nor cuts and bruises. I even held my bag from start to finish despite that Kuya Guide kept on asking for it.

Ang gandaaaaaa…
My friend, Gracey. 😊
Returning the favor
“Wish you were here…” 😣
May part nang kalbo. 😔
Huy, bawal umihi diyan.

Now, the reason why I am sharing these experiences is actually because I wanted to climb another mountain as soon as possible. Tol, gusto ko na ulit umakyat ng bundok. IDK if I felt too occupied with water and beaches since I just went from Alibijaban and El Nido last month, and will be flying again to El Nido next week or I was just too immersed with the conversation that Jeff and James had in the podcast below. For those who’ve been missing the mountain, I bet you’ll have the strong desire to climb one again once you’ve heard their discussion.


(If you cannot access the link above, try this or this or this or this or this. Haha.)

On top of that, my cousin, Mica, posted her photos last weekend about her recent climb at Mt. Maculot. Ugh, I feel so inggit, seriously.

After all, I believe that aside from searching for a loved one and moving on from a heartbreak, one more reason why people climb a mountain is to spend quality time and share memories with the people closest to their hearts, ‘dibaSo ano na? Tol, inuulit ko. Gusto ko na ulit umakyat ng bundok. Help meeeee… Hahahahaha.

Ice cream after climb! 😊

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