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Kimbap: The Product of Roundabout Route

“Sometimes, life is like rolling a defective push cart in the grocery. It goes to the direction opposite from where you are expecting it to go that you have to exert added effort for it to go back to the right way until you reach your destination.”


I wrote the above statement on my phone’s memo pad one night while doing my weekly groceries. My main agenda was just to buy Yakult and bananas for the coming weekend, thinking that I still have some stocks to eat in the condo, like Korean noodles and egg. I happen to passed by the salad station and saw that small bottle of Kewpie roasted sesame dressing was already available; and so the plan suddenly changed. I had to buy other ingredients and decided to make some kimbap.

My interest on making kimbap began upon reading the blog of Mommy A. I’m always a fan of Korean food and comprehending the step-by-step procedure that she shared in that blog seemed like it can easily be done by a beginner in the kitchen like me. So I gathered enough courage and tried making one last month for the very first time. I never shared the output since it did not pass the QA standard in terms of appearance. LOL. But I’m happy that I was able to perform well based on the taste that I expected.

I used the combination of mayonnaise and wasabi paste last month for the dip and spam light for the meat. Now that I already have the Kewpie roasted sesame dressing, which I recently tasted and loved at Pho Hoa Shangri-la branch one dinner with Bekifuls, I decided to create another batch using boiled chicken breast.





Out of these ingredients, I was able to prepare a total of six rolls, which I joyfully shared to my brother, Kuya Shades, and office mates.


In addition to the realization above about the hardships and struggles of reaching your destination using a defective push cart, I realized that through life’s journey, no matter how much it gives us pain, we may also see something interesting on the way. We might make detours, at times, but we will eventually recognize that the learning along that longer road is necessary for us to be more equipped for what’s waiting for us in the end; and that we should never forget that we can enjoy over the simplest things that life can bring – just like the way that I never thought of making kimbap over the weekend until I saw the bottle of Kewpie while going to the fruits station that made a big difference in the following days. Besides, we are all like defective push carts: imperfect, full of flaws, yet we keep on rolling. ♡

6 thoughts on “Kimbap: The Product of Roundabout Route

  1. I love the metaphor of the defective pushcart! Also, I love Kewpie rin. Yan lang ata yung salad dressing na gusto ko. Ayoko kasi ng mayonnaise. Haha. I have a question, where did you buy the small stainless containers in the photo? Ang dami kong nakitang binebentang ganyan sa Korea pero hindi ako bumili. Ngayon, parang gusto ko na. Hahaha.

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    1. Haha. Sa Korea nga! Lol. Nag-hoard ako niyan pati bigger sizes, yung nilagyan ko ng rice. Pati mga long spoons and chopsticks. Nagpalit ako ng mga gamit sa kusina dahil diyan. Hehehe

      Liked by 1 person

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