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Stangers in Alibijaban

“Once a dog has been scalded with boiling water, he will even fear cold water.” How many today are afraid of the cold water that brings refreshment just because they have been burned once and having difficulty to trust again?


I am raising a hand.


Many of you might have noticed that there was a period in the early part of the year that I struggled in writing. In fact, I came to a point where I do not have any motivation at all in doing anything, even reading a book, and worst, even watching a kdrama. My conversation to different people and groups became limited and very selective. All these were brought by the traumatic experience I encountered, which made me want to be distant and alone most of the time.

Given this behavioural state, I knew right then and there that something is wrong and doing nothing about it might worsen my condition. I began doing small steps like activating my Facebook, selling my stuffs and writing short poems no matter how hard it is to find a single word; until Jas invited me to join her team to Alibijaban trip.

I never said yes, actually.

In the way that everything in the world seems to be organized, we know that a huge part of its structure is chaotic and messy. But still, whether life throws you up and down and makes you feel dizzy for all its unfairness and unreasonable offering, we do not have any other choice but to overcome and triumph over it.

I never said yes to Jas, but I danced to the flow of looking forward and preparing for it.

Anyhow, I feel excited to these two things –
One, the beach.
Second, the stargazing.


Thirty souls, two vehicles, diverse professions, one simple objective: to enjoy and unwind over the weekend.

I am not joking when I expressed my predicament to Jas that I am too shy and not used to mingle with other people, especially now that I am dealing with this ordeal over past friendship and betrayal. But when Jas told the group that there will be a penalty for those people who will not make friends, I know that she’s not joking too. 😂 Indeed, I learned that it’s not hard to start a conversation while grilling some liempo and slicing some green mangoes. Who would’ve thought that fanning a cluster of marinated pork (and stealing some pieces to satisfy cravings) will make me easily feel comfortable with them? It was Suzy, Tyra, Imari, Gray and Steph, the birthday girl, whom I first interacted with among many others.

That’s it.

I don’t know if it was really as easy as that or these people do really have something in them that you’ll feel relaxed and just… yeah, happy.

The day went normally as all island people would be – delighting in the water around the floating cottage, eating chips and fruits, playfully teasing each other (and I was just laughing with them as they bully one over another LOL), jumping, swimming, and having fun being surrounded by mangroves until we decided to go back to prepare for the dinner headed by Sherwin and team. The sun slightly let us down for not showing its beauty when the day is about to end. Nevertheless, we took advantage of the gloomy afternoon for some photo and video shoot.



I thought the night will be ruined by the strong and uninvited rain that made us all stay in our respective nipa hut (a.k.a. kobo) until past seven in the evening. But Jas started knocking our doors for some “socials” when the rain stopped.

Stargazing wasn’t possible. However, though the stars in the sky didn’t show up in their brightest, I was happy sharing bright smiles and endless laughter with this bunch of people I barely knew. It was one of the highlights of the whole trip. The jamming over sizzling hotdogs and chips, the Bobo Challenge I enjoyed so much, the unending wittiness of Gilbert, the strange song lyrics of Elvin and Joseph, and many more. I actually thought that Elvin and Joseph are officemates of Jas. But no, they are partners of her officemates. Such amazing connection.

The second day was concluded with a quick visit to sandbar and enjoying the water again. It was Leonard’s birthday that day so he was somehow the center of attention or… Shems. Why do I think of the word ulikba whenever I think of him? Guess I heard it from Jas.



I won’t miss mentioning Uge and Dhon for their endless kulit. I am actually amazed as to how  Zig and Diane are friends with Uge. Lol, peace. ✌ We have to thank Renz’s tripod and Jeff’s long stick for capturing our happy moments during the whole trip.

Believe me, It’s not easy for me to remember people’s names but I found unique characteristics of each one of them that made me recall who’s this and who’s that without difficulty. I might not have personal encounter with everyone but who knows, we might meet and bond again next time, right?

By the way, there was no electricity in the island and no room service whatsoever. The restroom is common for all, and we have to fetch water for personal consumption. We were told to pack light-weight bags, had to eat with bare hands and yeah, I’m now getting used to it.


“Once a dog has been scalded with boiling water, he will even fear cold water.” I admit I’m in that situation now wherein I am afraid of the cold water that supposedly brings refreshment, just because I’ve been burned not just once, but many times, which made it difficult for me to trust people again.

But I guess it’s also not right for me to stay distant and aloof. Maybe I really need to step out again from my comfort zone, to meet people again, to give others the benefit of the doubt, to trust.


I’m making small steps now and I’m claiming that I will eventually get there – with wisdom and discernment.

In any case, what’s important is that I fully enjoyed last weekend with then strangers, now friends.

I will continue moving forward from there. ♡


Watch below travel video by Shades of Wanderer.

Shot using: GoPro Hero5 / SJCAM SJ6 Legend / GP Hero

Credits/Music by:
“Legends” by Star Party ©


4 thoughts on “Stangers in Alibijaban

  1. “But I guess it’s also not right for me to stay distant and aloof. Maybe I really need to step out again from my comfort zone, to meet people again, to give others the benefit of the doubt, to trust.”

    I love this part. I can relate to you in a way because about 6yrs ago I also had the same feeling. It’s hard to act normal when you seem to have forgotten what normal is. Haha. Also, I know the feeling of how my writing was affected because of a traumatic experience about trust. I’m so glad I was able to bounce back after many years of constant effort to try going out of my comfort zone. I loved your stort. Thank you for sharing. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Besh, Thank you for joining! Hindi ko alam kung PMS or sobrang emotional lang ako knowing what you’ve been through tapos joining an event for 2 days na kame lang ni Tito Jheff ang kilala mo. Thank you, Besh! Baby steps pero sobrang laki ng impact. I’m so proud of you! 🙂
    Hindi ako magsasawang tanungin kung okay ka lang ba or kung nageenjoy ka bilang kita ko naman sa mga pictures mo. Hahaha. Love you, Besh! Let’s make more awesome memories! 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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