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A Coffee A Day At South Korea: Letting Go

I was a fan of coffee during my early adulthood. The bitter-sweet taste of brewed coffee every morning helped me survive all the monthly deadlines and planning seasons in the past decade. Until acute gastroenteritis hit me so hard that doctors advised me to avoid caffeine, aside from spicy and dairy. Since then, I learned to manage stresses and fight drowsiness with other ways. I said goodbye to my three favorite happy pills: ice cream, milk tea and coffee.

I thought it was easy.

Daily cravings kick-in, I’m telling you, and the struggle was real that I became dependent on Kremil-S Advance and Omepron (Unilab Yan!) whenever temptations won’t leave me, which made me suffer from acid re-flux and heartburn. Hotpack, as well, became my best buddy every night.

I came to a realization that I should lessen, if I cannot eliminate these restrictions when my APE result wasn’t good and going in and out of Health First has been my regular schedule. I became tired of the usual routine of throwing-up each time I indulge with these unwise affections.

Disciplining oneself, indeed, is the hardest thing ever.

It was 1st quarter of 2018 when I started avoiding caffeine and medications as much as possible, on top that the wiring of my hotpack had been burned for unknown reason. The day-to-day practice became once every week, then became once every month, then eventually became limited to invitations for late-night talks.

There, I became fully aware of the fact that having deep conversations with people is a better way of de-stressing. There, I realized that weariness and exhaustion after a week of hard work can be mitigated by laughter that is being shared with your best-est companion. Coffee is just a bonus.

In life, we all have that one thing that we cannot let go. It could be something that’s been a part of us for the longest time, and the thought of losing it might cause us pain or feeling of discomfort. It’s okay as long as it doesn’t hurt us back. That’s the ironic part, actually. We suffer from it yet it’s tormenting to just think of missing it.

But seriously, my friend, if keeping it brings torture and bothers you in many ways, I guess it’s time to re-evaluate your life and choose to become better little by little.

Who knows?

Maybe you just have to let go in order for you to receive what’s best, which has been waiting for so long to be given to you the moment you empty your hands. ♡


P.S. Acids brought by the daily caffeine intake in South Korea were neutralized by the daily 20k steps. 😊


Day 1: The Venti – Gwangan Beach, Busan
Day 2: 2nd Butter Bakery – Mapo-gu, Seoul
Day 3: De Koning – Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Day 4: Center Coffee – Myeongdong, Seoul

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