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2018 Is My Year

This year compared to the past seven years, I have watched lesser kdrama but was able to see more of old and new Filipino movies with friends.

This year compared to the past seven years, I have read lesser books but was able to write more on this blog site and other platforms.

This year compared to the past seven years, I have stayed less inside my unit but was able to enjoy more in the outdoor with the people I am blessed to encounter with.

2018 started by meeting the significant beings who played great roles in my life this year. It was followed by wearing the victor’s crown when I finally marked hiking done as the first item on my inventory of “firsts.” Holding onto the seven learning I’ve listed after successfully overcoming Mt. Daguldol in Batangas, Osmeña Peak in Cebu came after–explored and enjoyed– together with other tourist destinations of the province. The tradition of visiting Baguio during the 1st quarter continued and only this year that I learned to appreciate strawberry product by indulging with Vizco’s Strawberry Shortcake. Yep, ‘yung fruit lang kasi ang kinakain ko, ‘pag ice cream, cake, etc na siya, eeew na.

The summer was well spent as I have experienced for the first time sleeping in the shore with a tent at Manuel Uy in Calatagan, Batangas. I can’t say that it’s my first time sleeping in a tent ’cause I ended up sleeping outside. So, sa shore talaga. There, I realized that misadventure was never a failure and unfortunate incident will never bring discomfort as long as you’re with the people who matter most to you. A quick visit to Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon also left some splotch in my heart, and before the month of May ended, I was overwhelmed by the family getaway we had at Villa Escudero.

No storm stopped me from doing what makes me happy when I have experienced riding on a vessel for the first time in my life last June. Marinduque, still, is my favorite memory (and blog) of the year.

Bohol opened the second semester and prepared me for the annual crazy season. Ehem, ‘di ako umiyak ngayong taon dahil sa pagod at walang pag-sick leave during planning. 😊

The grandest birthday-gift-to-self (also my 10th year anniversary in the company) was consummated when I had my first ever solo travel in Davao. It was superseded by a Hongkong trip with the whole family and a sudden visit in Olongapo before the year ended. I have to mention that only this year that there’s no rain nor typhoon during my birthday. Iba…

It was not smooth as there were still ups and downs. It was not perfect as I still shed some tears and decided to stay in my own cave for a bit. Sickness and death transpired within my circle. But all these negative emotions I had were overpowered by the laughter and joy I’ve shared with the people who are closest to my heart. I lose some, I won some. I even had to strongly leave some people. I carefully pick out my battles, only those that are worthy of my time and energy, and love.


Looking back on all these triumphant defeat of my own fears and breaking of my own rules, together with more than ten checks on my list of “firsts” and more than ten items recorded on the places I have visited, 2018, indeed, is my year.

I thank the Lord and the people who completed it. ♡


13 thoughts on “2018 Is My Year

  1. Happy new year, Nay! I love this line: “I carefully pick out my battles, only those that are worthy of my time and energy, and love.” It’s everything adulting is about! Haha. Love you so! Have a blessed 2019! #OwnIt 🙂

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  2. Masaya ako na kaibigan kita at kasama sa 2018, pasensya ka na dala pa din kita sa 2019…may mga araw na aabalahin pa din kita, guguluhin anumang oras ❤ Mahal kita Rhea alamoyan dapat!!!

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    1. Dito tayo mag usap talaga 🙂 WAHAHAHA stay beautiful okey? no worries sa additional fats yan ang armas natin sa challenges…yiheeee

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