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Davao 2018: A Journey of Learning and Unlearning (Part 2)

“Just because you can’t hear the screams, does not mean they don’t exist.” This statement lingers in my head after scrolling the shared photo of Sensei in my FB newsfeed. It’s about a call to stop shark finning. It was followed by one of the headlines in the evening news pertaining to the number of dead marine creatures due to illegal fishing. At this point, I was reminded of my recent tour in Davao, wherein most of the attractions I visited have something to do with valuing life and nature.


Game, ituloy natin ang kwentuhan! (Read Intro and Part 1.)


I was able to get back to sleep immediately after eating with my bare hands on that one-night stay in Samal Island. Bad daw ‘yung matutulog agad pagkakain. But, otoke? I do not have a television in my room and I’m on a social media hiatus. What am I supposed to do, diba?

Char lang. Sobrang antok ko lang talaga that night.

Waking up the following day, I went to the kitchen early morning to have my breakfast. There, I saw a family and a group of young adults, already enjoying their meal while chatting and laughing together. I was the only guest whose traveling solo, I guess. Pero again, kebs. Ginusto ko ‘to eh. Though I felt at first the OP-thingy of not having someone around me, plus the idea that they might be judging me on why I am alone, if I’m on an emotional healing process, moving on, and all that – again, malaking KEBS. Lol. I prepared my Lucky Me Pancit Canton while one ate set my table with some waffle, suman, and different kinds of jam. Corn coffee, toasted bread and bananas are available on the side, unlimited. I just didn’t like the corn coffee as much as the other lodgers delighted in it. Ang heavy ng breakfast ko. Salamat, La Vida Orchard. 🙂

While organizing my things and getting ready for checkout, there was a blackout at around 11:30 in the morning. Kuya Meong came right on time and we departed to Davao City, besh, with his motorcycle. 🙂 Yes, ang laki nanaman ng ngiti ko. 🙂


Pogi ko oh!
We went straight to Bahay ni Tuding. I just left my luggage in my room to head on for a quick lunch at Kusina Dabaw, where I ordered arroz caldo and siopao. Not superb food here, I felt that the serving does not compensate for the price. Hehe. (Food blogger kuno).


We passed by Museyo Dabawenyo but it was closed due to the blackout. It was Saturday that day and I am thinking whether I could still visit the museum for I know that my Sunday’s itinerary is full. I was surprised when the guard said that the museum is open on Monday. I thought museums globally are closed every Monday. Anyway, buti na lang din.

We, then, decided to go to D’ Bone Collector and to no avail, the museum is also affected by the blackout. They are still setting up the generator when I came in. I sat on the ground floor area and waited for quite some time. The temperature is scorching, one of my weaknesses. Weak ang puso ko sa init. In my mind, “This could not be. What happened to the pinagpala me?” I decided to get a refund if by 3 in the afternoon eh wala pa ding linaw ang ganap. Good thing, the generator saved me at exactly 5 minutes before 3 pm. Hehehe.

In D’ Bone Collector Museum, one guide is assigned  to explain per group of people each section, not only the facts and details about the bones, but as well as the story behind each creature, like how and why they died. There, I learned that marine and forest animals are dying because of the deliberate acts and recklessness of human being. One dolphin was named Mistaken because some fishermen killed him for erroneously identifying him as a shark. Other big fishes died because they’ve eaten trash, like plastics, rope, even a cap of liquor; a deer died because of illegal hunting; and so on. As the guide explains to us the reasons of their death, I began to feel ashamed as a human. Yup, just because we do not hear the screams, doesn’t mean they do not exist; and just because we do not hear them wailing, doesn’t mean they are not hurting.



The last pieces of bones presented to us was named Time. It is a collection of human bones with different kinds of clock displayed as the background. They sometimes call it lola. In here denotes the truth that whatever knowledge we achieve, riches we accumulate, fame we adore, and people we enjoy life with, we all have that final moment wherein we have to leave everything and everyone behind. There will always be that instant when we have to say that time is up, and someone has to go.

“TIME – We are born with a certain amount, we die when it runs out. Rich or poor, it doesn’t matter; for you don’t kill time, but time kills you. Now is your most important time, and what you do with it will affect you eternally. When time’s up, forever begins.”


If I am going to relate all that has presented before me, I could say that if we, people, do not take it seriously, I mean, the preserving of these endangered species and protecting the lives of these animals, the earth will one day get back to us and make us suffer for these recklessness and inhumane behavior.

Bigla kong naisip, kung yung term na “hayop” ay negative ang meaning sa atin, ano kaya ang “tao” para sa kanila?

Okay, move on tayo.


Pero seryoso nga mga besh ha. Upakan ko kayo sige.



Moving on — > Crocodile Farm was not part of my original itinerary. But since I was persuaded by kuya from La Vida Orchard when he said that fire dance there is terrific and extraordinary and saktong Saturday night ang show… as in sabi niya, “Walang-wala ‘yung mga napanood mo sa Boracay,” edi ano pa ba ‘diba? Gumora ako bigla.

Unlike in D’ Bone Collector, this time, I’m seeing living animals. It was actually my first time in a zoo without a companion. Nakakatakot pala talagang titigan ng tiger. At hindi ko talaga kayang hawakan ang ahas. Arghhh.. Nakikilig nanaman ako pag naiimagine ko. You will see them on the video that I will share on my next blog.

Pero eto, I was able to shoot some photos and videos with ostrich and birds! Wahahaha. That was a big achievement for me already. Bumuhos lang ang ulan kaya umalis yung red bird. But then again, I am happy that I was able to touch them. Well, hindi pala, it was actually their feet that touched my skin. Lels.

Expectations vs Reality

So ito na nga, ano…



No fire show that took place. Ang mahal pa naman ng entrance fee! I’ve waited for quite some time again, hoping that the rain will stop and that the show will proceed. Waley. Kalungkot.

But since I’m not the type of person who’ll dwell on this saddening, unexpected and uncontrollable situation, I decided to buy an ice cream to make myself happy. 🙂

At ito ang nakakaloka! I thought it was just their marketing strategy or just to add some fun on their menu. Pero totoo pala! I ordered for Crocodile Pandan Ice Cream as their best seller daw. Argh. I’m used to chewing something in an ice cream. I love it, actually. ‘Yung mga nuts and bits and pieces of something crunchy. Pero OMG! Meat, besh, meat. It’s like I’m chewing a chicken on every bite of ice cream. On top of that, buwaya, besh, buwaya! Nevertheless, it tastes so good kaya naubos ko din. Saka medj mahalya siya kaya kailangan kong ubusin. They also have Ostrich Vanilla; something that I’m very curious. Pero I decided na hindi na, next time na. Ang mahal eh. Hahahaha.



‘Yun! Since I have to meet PSA/TFIOB friends for a dinner, sumugod kami ni Kuya Meong sa ulan nang naka-motor. Well, pahintu-hinto naman kami, especially ‘pag super lakas na talaga. I know for a fact that I’ll be suffering from sore throat the next day, but seriously, ang saya nung moment! Pasaway lang. Now I understand Jeff’s story about rain and helmet na walang wiper. Hahahaha.

Kuya Meong dropped me at Penong’s in front of Victoria Plaza where I met my virtual daughters, Kri and Mikay. 🙂 Penong’s is quite popular in Davao based on the blogs that I’ve read. It’s like the Mang Inasal of Manila where you can order unli-rice chicken meals. (Yes, nag-unli rice kami, bakit ba?) We also enjoyed their seafood platter while laughing in between funny stories from these two.

Basa ako, mga besh. Before the meet up, I told them, “Mga anak, ang dugyot ko ha. Pawisan sa maghapong paggagala. Baka hindi kaaya-ayang bumeso ako sa inyo.” No one ever thought that I’m not pawisan during the meet-up, pero ayun na nga, WET. LOL.


Kuya Meong was the best supporting actor in my whole trip to Davao. While we’re eating, he went back to Penong’s with his e-cab (para may bubong na) and borrowed jackets from his wife. Not one, but two! Hahaha. Doc Kri was extra happy when she experienced riding e-cab going to People’s Park. Nag-IG story pa siya. Haha.

But the nature didn’t allow us again to enjoy People’s Park due to pouring out of rain, so we decided to get some coffee instead as we walked on the alleys near the area. Pinauwi ko na si Kuya. ‘Di ko alam kung anong oras plano umuwi nitong dalawa eh. Haha. We ended up sipping hot chocolates and tea for Mikay at The Glass Coffee, a newly opened coffee shop within the vicinity of San Pedro, where my lodging is.

Before the day wrapped up, let me share with you this funny narration from one of them. ‘Wag na nating pangalanan kung sino sa kanila. Hahaha.



USAPANG CRUSH *non-verbatim*

Girl 1: Dapat may kasama ka dito sa bahay, hindi pwedeng ikaw lang.
Girl 2: Oo nga eh.
Girl 1: Uy (insert guy name)… naghahanap sya ng kasama. Dito ka nalang kaya?
Girl 2: Actually, okay na sa akin ang aso. Hanapan niyo na lang ako ng aso.




Boy: Ay talaga ba? Ako kasi naghahanap ng amo.





And that’s how the 2nd day of my solo trip ended. I’m not alone. 🙂


Tapusin na natin. Mag-Part 3 and 4 pa ba ako? Hahaha.

October 21, Sunday – my itinerary consists of Philippine Eagle Centre and Eden Nature Park and Resort.

I enjoyed both, since I’m surrounded with greens and landscape. In these two spots, I had my silent moment where I was able to sit down, enjoyed the view and the breeze, peacefully contemplated about some things, while munching chocolate almonds as my pantawid-gutom program.  Still not on social media, I was able to have some assessment and evaluation of some items in life that need to address. Medj deep tayo diyan, mga besh. Walk, pray and shoot had been my routine throughout the day.


I personally like Phil Eagle due to its serenity since the guests are not allowed to make some unnecessary noise that could distract the animals. Trees are everywhere, which makes the whole venue shaded from the burning sun. I just can’t accept that the names of the donors are written on the walkway na para bang mga lapida. LOL.

Channeling my inner ajumma…


On the other hand, Eden Park is packed with activities and place of interaction. I personally like the playground, maybe because I hear children laughing. The park is so huge that I wasn’t able to visit all its attractions.

Here, I was reminded that it was a Sunday at ang daming magjojowa sa paligid. Hahaha. It’s a perfect venue for pre-nuptial photo and video shoot, by the way. Haha. Ba’t ko ba naiisip yung mga ganun? Ang dami kasi talagang nagde-date. The entrance fee I bought was bundled with afternoon snacks, where I ordered Grilled Chicken Pesto Pasta. In fair, bongga siya. I so love the idea that while I am eating outside the café, ang daming makukulay na bibe ang gumagala. Their colors are like that of peacocks’, combination of blue and green, but they do not have that fan-like tails. Ang saya lang nung idea that there is a peaceful co-existence among humans and not-so-ordinary animals. 🙂




After Eden, we head on to Jack Ridge to share sumptuous meal while overlooking the city lights of Davao. It’s like the Tops of Cebu, pero may Tops pa daw na iba dun, which I was not able to see – one reason to return, right? 🙂 Ito naman ang magandang venue for a wedding. Haha. Bakit ganito ang mga ideas ko? Ocular lang?



Kuya Meong made an attempt for the second time to bring me to People’s Park. Maganda daw kasi talaga ang lights. He succeeded this time as I was able to enter the park na umaambon-ambon pa. Again, I was reminded that it was a Sunday and I am surrounded with dating couples. Kaya mabilis lang ako dun. Lels.

Not bitter, mga besh. I had this great idea kasi!

I woke up extra early the next day to do some workout at People’s Park! Oha oha! Nakakaproud ako ‘diba? It’s just a 15-minute walk from Bahay Ni Tuding, so pagkakataon. I jog and did some stretching for an hour, with people watching in between. Hehehe.

There was this poging kuya nga whom I wanted to take some video clips as part of my travel video sana. Well I’m not sure pala if he’s pogi talaga. He’s doing some tricks using jumping rope and he was like doing a live show, nakakapogi. ‘Di ko maiwasang hindi panoorin, besh. (‘Pag may pogi talaga dapat ganyan kaarte.)



I want something like this, near my place, pls.

At Bahay ni Tuding, the breakfast was set when I got back from my morning jog, and kuya gave me some additional bread together with guyabano and papaya jam. Hahaha. Dahil ba pawisan ako? I’m not a fan of any jam but I liked guyabano more than papaya.

Since that will be my last day, I started fixing my things and getting ready for check-out after taking a bath. But before going home to Manila, I made a quick visit to Museyo Dabawenyo and Magsaysay Park. There’s no entrance fee on both places and I could say that I experienced an excellent explanation of history of Davao and other relevant information at Museyo Dabawenyo. They did not even ask for tips nor donations. On the other hand, traditional bahay-kubo from different tribes can be seen at Magsaysay Park, plus their delicacies, crafts and other products. #AlamNaThis


I tamed myself and I just bought two balabal, one for me and another for my mommy. 🙂

Edi shopping time na nga! What I love the most in Davao is the fact that I can buy cheap fruits here. I was able to bargain pomelo for 50 pesos per kilo only, outside Philippine Eagle, and so I bought 4 kilograms there. At the nearest market in Magsaysay Park, I also bought mangosteen, lanzones and additional 2 kilograms of pomelo. Lol. Overall, my luggage had a supplementary 9 kilos, plus another kilo from all my pawis at libag in my used clothes. Hahaha. Sinadya ko talagang one side lang ang lamanan sa luggage ko papuntang Davao to have enough room for fruits. 🙂

Here’s the summary of my Davao trip and total costs incurred:



PS. On our way to the airport, the vehicle started to slow down and went to a full stop. Guess what?

Yup, empty gas pala!

And guess what, again?

Yup, it came to a full stop right in front of a gasoline station.

*wide smile*

Indeed, it is by His grace that I concluded this first ever solo trip and it’s the same grace that sustains me each day of my life. Pinagpalang tunay! 🙂

To end this entry, allow me to share with you the teaser video below for you to have something to look forward to my next blog. Select HD setting for better viewing. 🙂


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