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Davao 2018: A Journey of Learning and Unlearning (Part 1)

No drama. No moving on. No necessary healing of heart. Peksman.


There are a lot of reasons why I ended up doing this solo travel despite of all the frowns, sharp glares, salubong na kilay and tinging may panghuhusga, ‘yung may pailing-iling pa. Hahaha. I know I’ll be needing this trip after the cruel and deadly planning season I’ve been mentioning for months now. I know I wanted needed to breathe. It’s my birth month, anyway; I wanted to do or experience something different. ‘Yung nakaka-mature. I wanted to treat myself for a job well done and traveling has been one of many sources of motivation for me. ‘Yung ang sarap magtrabaho ‘pag alam mong may plane ticket ka na, ganyan. Lol. Also…






I just really wanted to prove to myself that I am capable of overcoming fears.


You know, being the sheltered younger-self nga, I developed fears over the years, which restricted me to move on a stated parameter or boxed me with set of boundaries that I wasn’t able to recognize that life outside my borders is really fun and exciting. Don’t get the wrong idea, I am exceptionally happy and fulfilled with my life (though there was a period of exception, kkk) and being embraced with the love of my family and friends, masaya akong tunay. Well, mababaw lang naman daw talaga ang kaligayahan ko. But then again, there’s more to life and I guess I’m on the right age and maturity, and responsible enough to weigh the end result of trying these things.

Anyways, eto na. I guess it’s really the right time to share with you what really took place in my first ever solo travel in Davao. I just feel the urgency to narrate the highlights of my story as some in my circle, still, can’t believe that I was able to do it. Tapos kunwari excited din kayo sa kwento dali. 🙂


WARNING: Long Post


As expected, the flight was delayed by at least 40-minutes. Honestly, I came to know this fact when we’ve already arrived in Davao International Airport since I fell asleep on my seat even before the plane took off. Haha. Wala kaya akong tulog. I intentionally booked an early morning flight (4 am, ehem) to minimize experiencing the domino effect of delayed flights. Forty minutes, not bad.

I’m sleeping almost the whole time while enjoying the leg room being served by PAL. ‘Yung himbing na akala ko eh nasa condo lang ako. Nakanganga pa. Well actually, the aroma of the coffee woke me up a bit when the crew passed by and I prepared my table for the breakfast. Imagine me biting and chewing the chicken cheese sandwich and drinking coffee while my half eyes were half-shut. Skills.

Then in the middle of my dream, I suddenly felt a warm touch in my cheeks. I knew right then and there that the sun is already shining. Ong gondooo mga besh!


Kuya Meong had been waiting for me outside the airport before the plane landed.


After our first greeting, he then brought me straight to Sasa Wharf and boarded MV Nicole 3. I’m glad I had my first Roro ride in Marinduque last June, which served as a preparation for this one.


We’ve arrived at La Vida Orchard and bid goodbye after discussing shortly the plans for the following days. Our agreement was that he will leave me at Samal Island and fetch me upon check-out as we will head on to the city the next day.


There I was, in the lobby of La Vida Orchard, alone.



Weeks before this trip, Anne gave me a list of hotels to choose from. As some have superb facilities and modern interior designs, I told her that I wanted to stay where I can really achieve the relaxation I needed, but not as comfortable as the service of a hotel since it will lose the essence of my “nakakamaturena solo travel. Capturing the scenic view of this bed and breakfast while waiting for the availability of my room, I felt the delight within, thinking that I am spending a night here. IG-worthy. Probinsiya feels. This is really what I am looking for an accommodation.


After taking my breakfast in their self-service kitchen where you can cook anything, I head on to the nearby shore.



There I was, in front of the sea and the sands, alone.


This time, I really felt alone. I wanted to take some pictures of the ocean with me but it’s really hard to be alone. Can’t help but send a text message to a friend, telling him na nakakalungkot mag-isa and that I already have a lot of stories to tell even if that time, I’m spending roughly 4 hours pa lang alone. Hahaha.


I have to mention that walking to the shore, there was this man who looked at me intently from the moment he saw me and his eyes followed me until a family came (to the rescue!).

Shems, that’s one of my fears!

Being prone to the bad guys, I find it hard to commute in Metro Manila. I fear taxi drivers, I fear that some pervert will sit beside me in a bus, etc. But then, I have to prove that I am that strong, independent woman I’m self-proclaiming. So, kebs. In fact, when I went back to my lodging area, there he was, standing nearer the walkway that I have to pass through, looking at me once again. So I pretended to call a friend while walking and acted like I’m taking a video of my surrounding, including him. Lol. Wisdom.

I wasn’t satisfied with the beach so I decided to go to Paradise Island after consulting the owner of La Vida Orchard. But before that, I enjoyed first looking in the paintings being exhibited in the whole place as the owner himself is a painter. In fact, he is painting live in the lobby area. Maybe this is his way of entertaining his guests, as if I’m watching a live show. I also saw a tarpaulin that he has been on the cover of Candy Magazine during his younger years. Hehehe. Medj pogi si kuya.





Having a short attention span, I started reading a book, Bait of Satan, wherein the first topic is about offense or being offended.


Kwento ko muna, very slight lang.

Two days before this trip, I experienced for the first time being yelled by a retiree in the office. I’ve been in this company for a decade already, and working for more than twelve years now. It was really the first time I encountered a person who is yelling in front of me. Worst thing, I have nothing to do with his irritation. It seems like he has gone through a lot the whole day processing his clearance, and as he went to me in the afternoon for some finance matters, totally tired and restless, burst out all his frustrations in front of me.

I felt so offended.

I felt so offended that I wasn’t able to control myself from sending a message to the Business Unit Finance Head that this person yelled at me. Lol. Para akong nagsumbong na bata. I felt so offended that I sulk in disappointment for quite some time that no one dared to bother me. Then I was reminded with a saying, “Was it a bad day? Or was it a bad five minutes you milked all day?”


I felt so offended. But I won’t let that “yelling experience” define me and affect me big time.

So I moved on and decided to spend the rest of the day productive. Eventually, it came to my attention that my friends are already comforting me online (viber and FB messenger). Nakakatawa. The news spread all the way to international friends and they are all angry with that man. Haaay. I just felt loved and protected. Uminit sobra ang ulo ng mga mothers ko. Pero ‘yun nga, move on na.

Ang timing lang ng pagbasa ko nitong libro.


Back to my trip –


OMG! This is it! Eto talaga yung excited akong ikwento!

I had my first angkas experience in Samal from La Vida Orchard to Paradise Island. The extreme feeling of being thrilled, plus, I was able to capture a video! Oha! Ang tapang ko! Isang kamay lang ang nakahawak sa balikat ni kuya at walang helmet! It’s as if I’m in one of the exhilarating rides of a themed park. Tapos nilipad ng hangin ‘yung cap ko! Wahahahaha! You will see this funny clip on the travel video, soon. 🙂

Seriously, my past experience back riding on a motorcycle is limited to (1) from home to outside the subdivision, and (2) from Greenfield to condo. Nothing more. So another item on my ‘2018 Firsts’ has been marked done this day. Ang saya takte! 🙂


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to swim that day due to the sign of aging that manifests in me by forgetting to bring undies and slippers in Paradise. I just pulled off my rash guard and sarong in the luggage then that’s it, I thought I’m all set. Sobrang excited ko yata talagang umangkas sa motor. I even forgot the sunblock! Haaay. Naglubog naman ako until knee level, and I had a moment with the Lord while sitting on the sand with His wonderful creation as my view. Also, I was able to enjoy the place by listening to a live band while indulging with a special halo-halo. Songs from the 90s, tol!

‘Eto share ko… One thing that’s hard to unlearn is the attitude that I am always checking on my bag. While eating, I placed my bag beside me and from time-to-time, I am checking if it’s still there or if the zipper is still safely closed, until such time that I decided to place it on the table, in front of me. Then I realized I am in Davao. Haha. Well, some habits aren’t easy to unlearn, seriously.



I went back to La Vida, took a bath and fell asleep. I don’t even know what time I fell into deep sleep. I was just surprised when I found out that it’s already past ten in the evening when I checked my phone. Two worries. One, I wasn’t able to watch the episode of Halik. Hahaha. I’m not an avid follower of the program, really. It’s just that recently, ang tindi ng mga tagpo that the show got my attention. Lol. I even asked the staff of La Vida if I can use the television in the dining area during the time slot and they said yes. Hahaha. Baka lang kasi may kalaban ako sa channel. Yes, there was no television in my room and I’m loving it.

Second, I haven’t eaten my dinner yet. I sneak a quick look into the window to check what’s happening outside and I saw total darkness. #ImScared. I have a meal with me but I do not have a plate nor utensils to use. The rice and the viand are both packed in plastic labo. My mind says I’m still full but my tummy cries otherwise.

There, I decided to eat from the plastic. I mixed the two in one plastic and tore the bottom corner. Hahaha. Naiimagine niyo bang sinisipsip ko? Hard! Then naisip kong magkamay. Bakit nga ba hindi ko naisip ‘yun nung simula pa lang? Lol. I thought I would look so kawawa for eating without any plate or utensils. But guys, I’m telling you, ang sarap ng kain ko. Wahahaha. Substance over form, ika nga. 🙂


That’s how the first day of my first ever solo trip ended – eating with bare hands. 🙂 I spent the whole day in Samal Island and the next three days were spent in Davao City. I still have a lot of stories to tell, so I hope, hindi kayo naumay. I still have a lot of photos to share, and so I really hope na ‘wag na ‘wag kayong mauumay. Wahahaha.


Davao City itinerary and total costs incurred on my next blog! 🙂





44 thoughts on “Davao 2018: A Journey of Learning and Unlearning (Part 1)

  1. Besshh!!! Kinikilig ako habang binabasa to. As in Naka-smile lang ako hanggang dulo. Again, sobrang proud ako sayo! And yes, napipicture out ko lahat ng itsura mo sa angkas, sa akala mong manong na delicates at sa pagkain ng naka-kamot (barehands) Galing galing mo besh! 👏👏👏👏

    Liked by 2 people

  2. First of all, congrats sa iyong first ever solo trip. Nakaka proud na nagawa mo yun. 😊

    Ang ganda din nung Paradise Island, at syempre pati yung tinuluyan mo sa Samal. Not the typical lodging na nakasanayan mo. So that’s good. 🙂

    Pati yung mga shots mo with your action cam, astig. Para-paraan sa mga solo shot. Parang yung kakilala ko lang din na solo backpacker. 😁

    And lastly, natawa ako dun sa “ang saya, takte.” Hahaha.. Ibang Rhea na talaga itech. 😊 Looking forward sa mga next travels mo.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gustong gusto ko pumunta ng Davao pero medyo hesitant ako kasi diba may nakidnap dati sa Samal Island? Pero kung kaya mo magsolo travel nga dun, feel ko safe naman na din. Iwasan ko na lang si Kuya, na aabangan ko sa travel video mo 😛 Geleng Rhea!!!! Next time, ako naman ang mag solo travel

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hindi ko alam kung papayagan ako ng jowa ko magtravel magisa hehe. Pero happy ako mumsh at happy ka. Ang timing ng mga message ni Lord no kapag kailangan natin talagang kinakausap Niya tayo 🙂

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