On Traveling and On Being Solo

Doing things with a companion is fun and exciting, but what will happen if you have to experience everything alone, most especially if it’s not driven by circumstances but by your own choices?




Yes, I did it.


*grinning from ear-to-ear*

(Yung ngiting wala nang mata. Yung kaligayahang evident sa pisnging may sariling buhay.)




It was like a bulb that gleams a long time ago above my head. The first day I came to know these crazy bloggers, there was a thrill that flashes within me, wanting to experience those mind-blowing activities they normally do. Starting with hiking, my list of ‘2018 Firsts’ has now grown to more than ten items and the counting continues as the months pass by. I still have remaining unchecked ideas, but 2018 has already been extraordinary compared to past years. With this, I am overwhelmed and I am really happy. 🙂

Living a sheltered life during my younger years, I carried the ignorance that sticks with me to this age regarding things that are happening outside school, work and home. Late bloomer on many aspects of the world, as they always say, has been my image for so many years since my 20s. Now that relevant support groups are all around me to guide me and secure my welfare, I have decided to take some milestone in my life by traveling alone as the grandest birthday-gift-to-self this month of October.


Forever Their Little Girl

March this year when I first experienced riding a plane on my own. Back then, the impression of going to the airport alone already feels goosebumps. It was followed by a business trip to Laguindingan in May. That time, I felt relieved as I am already familiar with the feeling of flying alone. I didn’t see that day coming and I thank my Cebu trip for the unexpected “training.” These journeys, however, were completed with friends / officemates who went ahead of me and waited for me in those provinces. I admit that during the first semester of the year, going to the airport, checking-in and getting on the plane alone was already a huge achievement for me. Who would’ve thought that I will be concluding a full trip on my own? Haha. Hindi ako nagpaalam, actually.

Every time I am about to fly, I used to send a pic of my boarding pass to the chat room I shared with my family. My siblings are forever my main accomplices. They know all the details of my bookings, my itinerary and the contact information of my tour guide. As expected, upon viewing my boarding pass, my clueless parents expressed their pigil na pigil na side comments and apprehensions on letting their youngest daughter go. Nangyari na ito sa Cebu at sa CDO. Masasanay din sila. Hahaha.

Conniving with siblings is the best thing ever! 🙂


Why Davao?

I actually planned on going to my comfort zone, which is Boracay. Sabi ko, easy level muna. ‘Wag madaliin. But stars in the sky didn’t allow me to be at ease when news about the rehabilitation of the island was aired nationwide and pushed me to move farther and eventually chose the “safest province” in the Philippines – Davao. I’ve been to Davao, if my memory serves me right, way back 2010 for a conference. I’ve done white water rafting there as our team-building activity, but as usual, we were just confined inside the function room most of the time for planning and rallying the sales and marketing team. I haven’t really explored the area so after getting affirmation from my “mentors,” I booked a plane ticket one midnight. Pikit mata. Nagmatapang na. Hahaha.


On Being Solo

No drama. No moving on. No necessary healing of heart. Hindi ba pwedeng much-needed and well-deserved vacation lang? Haha.

Up to this point of writing, my Unilab friends are still teasing me about this trip; playfully conveying that they do not believe that I went to and tour Davao alone. IKR. It was a deliberate act for me as well. I didn’t prepare much for this as my CCF friend, Anne, worked on my itinerary and found me a super-safe-and-super-mabait na tour guide in the presence of her cousin, Kuya Meong. He was the one who fetched me at Davao International Airport and brought me back there after the whole trip. He let me have my “moments” on the different tourist attractions in Davao, patiently waiting for me at the exit gate of these spots. What I’ve prepared was actually my heart. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Days before my flight, I told my friends, “Nakikilig ako ‘pag naiisip ko. LOL.” This isn’t me – a year ago.

Nakangiti talaga ako diyan. 🙂

Also, I decided to do a social media detox during these four days. I planned on being totally offline but I’m afraid my parents will really disown me this time. Haha. I just had to make paramdam each night by sending one photo of the day. 🙂




Oha, introduction pa lang 800+ words na! To tell you honestly, I still do not know how will I write a blog about my first ever solo travel. Someone challenged me to do it in a way like a legit travel blogger, complete with facts, itineraries and costs incurred. Haha. Kaya ko ba? IDK. I really don’t know. I’m still in clouds whenever I view the gallery on my mobile phone and action cam. Let’s see how am I going to narrate my experiences. Depende din kasi sa kasipagan ko – bagay na mailap lately. Hahaha.

One description I will leave to you: my solo travel has been a journey of learning and unlearning – will elaborate more of this on my next blog. For now, kailangan ko munang bumawi ng tulog.

Hantod sa sunod! Amping! 🙂



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