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You Are Not Alone In This Battle

I’m back. Totoo na.


I posted in my IG Story last Friday that #TheSeason has officially ended.

Then waking up the following day, I received a viber message stating the change of schedule of presentation, which lead to changes of everything we’ve prepared for the Big Day. Thus, this week had been tremendously more challenging in all aspects of my being.

Pinangunahan ko kasi. Tsk tsk.


Someone asked me how’s this year’s planning season, if my dream of having a different one took place.

Assessing everything that has happened in the past three months, I could say that this year is way different from previous years. The requirements, workload and time consumed were still the same. We spent weeks in “jail” a.k.a. conference room, accomplishing numbers and reports that are ever-changing. Going out of office before midnight, still, was a normal scenario on a day-to-day basis. Paper works, financial analyses, reconciliation of all records, meetings and discussions… same old, same old.

But how was it different?

How did I manage not availing any sick leave when my whole body feels the pain? Imagine me putting efficacent oil every night before going to bed, as if I’m doing skilled jobs the whole day like construction workers and porters. LOL.

How did I manage not releasing a single tear due to restlessness? Muntik na, actually, but it’s not due to weariness and exhaustion. It’s because of some other uncontrollable items in life that… nah, I don’t wanna talk about it yet.


As mentioned in my previous blog, I’ve done activities that actually helped me fight the fatigue that this season brings year-on-year. Looking back, I guess the main reason was because these undertakings were done with people closest to my heart. Simple movie dates and dine outs, diamond peel sessions and hot stone massages, staycations & weekly meet-ups, really comforted me. All these remind me that I can enjoy while overcoming.

In fact, there are people within my circle whom I called out to utter prayers whenever I sense that my physical body feels like waving a white handkerchief and wanted to fully surrender in exchange of quality relaxation. There’re a lot of instances that I am being reminded by friends to breathe-in-breathe-out, to calm myself from the hype that this period carries. The “Kaya mo yan!” and “I’m praying for you,” honestly, as cliché as it can be, never loses its power to encourage me to go on and excel in whatever I do. Seriously, just the thought that I have a strong support system left and right raised my spirit up, even though they do not understand what I’m saying when I tell them things like operating income, opex and capex, product contribution, et al.

Just by listening to me, or at least pretending on listening to me (and for the chocolates), I appreciate you, guys.

Knowing that there are people who are waiting for my update that I came home safely each night means a lot –implicitly reminding me that I am not alone in this battle.

viber image


Now that it’s finally over, I’m missing the brewed coffee in the conference room. At the exact time of this writing, I feel the same drowsiness that has been kicking me each morning for the past weeks, and that brewed coffee was the daily source of my sanity.

I’m missing that brewed coffee. There’re coffees available in my surrounding but that one’s different. I’m missing that brewed coffee, but I don’t want to be in that conference room again. Not this time.

I once told a close friend, “Kumbaga sa hamon ng buhay, ayaw mo nang balikan ‘yung sitwasyon, pero may masasayang parte dun na mamimiss mo.”


I’m still talking about that brewed coffee.


Totoo na, I’m back. 🙂




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