Fighting the Battle

I’m starting to drown myself again into the long and unending list of To Dos written in my notebook. My brain cells are now functioning at more than 150% of its average P3 run. Seriously, #TheSeason is now full blown that signs and marks of being lutang are already evident at this early stage. There was a time that I brought my pedestal key instead of my ID when I was about to go to the restroom to brush my teeth. I just realized it when the door didn’t open the moment I tapped the key on the sensory box. LOL. I’m expecting more of this in the coming weeks.

But I’m fine. I’m still fine. It was already mid-August yet I’m still fine. I didn’t prepare much but I’m perfectly fine. LOL. Sounds like I’m convincing my own self that I’m fine. Haha.

But I really am.


Look, I can still write. Though I wasn’t able to publish a blog last week, here I am now, writing. Even though this is senseless, I’m glad that I still can write.

I am still watching kdrama in the evening. Though lately, I am falling asleep in the middle of the first scheduled episode of the night, it’s good to know that I can still watch at least 30-min, right? At least. 🙂

I’m thinking if I’m starting to get too emotional or too sensitive. Parang nga. Hahaha. Patawad sa mga nabibiktima. I need more of your patience. 🙂

I’m thinking if I’m starting to eat a lot. Wahahaha never mind. Just like what I’ve said, my sanity is more important than my diet.

I’m thinking if I started spending for items that I do not need currently. Wait, I don’t want to think about it na lang pala. Haha. Wait, let me justify. Those early birthday-gifts-to-self… Wag na nga, natatamad akong mag-explain. Haha.

I’ve been feeling sick these past weeks but I’m still not availing any Sick Leave. Oha! Oha!

I’ve been doing lots of stuff lately to fight this battle. I’ve been going to body spa, nail lounge and skin care clinics – as what most of you have seen on my IG Stories and My Day. I’ve been meeting with friends (Happy 1st Anniversary again, TFIOB). I’m meeting my family almost every weekend. I’ve already watched three movies lately, including Buybust and two movies from Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino namely, Signal Rock and Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wifi. I have questions, thoughts and realizations from these movies, but then again, natatamad akong magsulat. Haha. I will be watching A Day After Valentines later after office. Naadik na yata talaga ako sa Filipino movies. Salamat sa mga sumama sakin mag-sine at mag-foodtrip. 🙂

Salamat sa Kisses at Ferrero sa ref. Salamat sa nilantakan kong suha at nilagang mani. Ubos na ehem ehem. These things bring simple joy, alam niyo yan. Food is lifeu. 🙂


Anyway, maybe the whole point of this blog is to let you know that I’m still alive. It’s as if you’re interested. Haha. I don’t know when will I be able to write again. I don’t even have any inspiring thing to share. Haha. So why not this time, give me some inspiration instead as I badly needed one? Cheer me up plsssss…


K. Break time’s over.




17 thoughts on “Fighting the Battle

  1. Nakakapagod Inay huhu! Pare-pareho tayong lutang pero bakit di tayo nagkikita sa ere? Haha. Ang dami kong gustong isulat pero wala na talagang oras, kahit weekends di ko na ma-enjoy. Pero laban lang, aahon din tayo. Hahaha! Ano bang meron sa season na to?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ang sabaw ko kausap lately diba? Hahahaha. Kahapon as in nakahilata lang ako, puro nood ng kdrama at movie. Maghapon lang akong nasa kwarto. Super tamad. Eto at umpisa nanaman ng laban. Kelangan nating magpalakas. Hahaha. Kaya yan!


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