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You Don’t Have To Make Other People Look Bad In Order For You To Look Good

*This is a scheduled post.

Only today, Aug 1, that I finally started jotting down what I have in mind since mid-July. That’s because Admin D randomly asked the members of Team Jheck in our group chat, “Guys, anong year kayo naging TJ?” This simple question sparks the chambers and ventricles of my heart to put into words the thoughts that have been floating in my head since July 15 – when we were on our way home from Tagaytay.

It was past midnight after a grueling game versus Cocolife at Muntinlupa Sports Center. I was with Aubrey, Camille and Mylene inside a vehicle traversing the lengthy road of SLEX back to Manila, exchanging personal stories on how and when we started liking Jheck and eventually became part of the team. We just came from a dinner with Team Beshie, Cignal HD Spikers’ best buddies, which includes Ivy, Janine, May, Cindy and of course, Jheck.

Photo from Cignal HD Spikers Facebook Fan Page
Team Jheck x Team Beshie

While Camille was so focused on her driving on a slippery lane due to pouring out of rain and while she’s battling on the fog brought by the breezy weather, I wanted to laugh at Aubrey who was sitting beside me at the back. Pa’no, he was the one who convinced me to join the dinner instead of heading back home right after the game. It was definitely okay with me because the following day was a Sunday, which means no work. Also, as long as I have someone who will accompany me on my way home, I’m okay. It was him whom I am actually considering since he came all the way from Pampanga and he still needs to go back there to prepare for his work the next day. But when he insisted joining, I thought he knew that we will be going to Tagaytay. Akala niya pala sa SM Muntinlupa lang. LOL. As Ate Jhack keeps on teasing me on our way south because it was funny how I’ve been so hesitant at first but eventually gave in, I am teasing Aubrey more because at least compared to me, I know where we will be heading that moment. LOL.

This particular happening reminds me that if there’s a will, there will always be a way. Sacrificing some things, including time, money and energy, is nothing as long as you love what you are doing. Since we’re getting caught up in our own personal daily battles, a.k.a. WORK, watching live games is one effective way of de-stressing. As I always describe it, it’s not fangirling anymore, it’s meeting up with friends. Without a doubt, the laughter we shared during the fun-filled dinner with the combination of Team Jheck and Team Beshie meant a lot.

Battle for Bronze, PSL Invitational 2018

One question thrown by Mylene struck me as one of the admins, “Ano’ng meron sa Team Jheck na wala ang iba, or ano yung something na kakaiba sa Team Jheck?” Not having any idea on how other fan group works, one thing that I think distinguishes Team Jheck from others is that we are not bashing other players and teams. In fact, bashing is prohibited as included in our house rules, whether be it online or during live games. Truth is, we acknowledge and we admire other Liberos.

Totoo naman ‘diba? We should not make other people look bad in order for us to look good. That’s an absolute exercise in futility. In the same way, we do not need to make other players look bad in order for Jheck to look good. Her expertise in her chosen field says it all. Her stats and records speak for herself. What else can we add to her rewards and recognition? Nothing. Because she, alone, can shine even without us. Pero wag ka, her kind heart makes her regard her supporters in many ways. Shoutout to those people who are feeling the utmost kilig whenever she likes and shares your tweets. Wave to those people who doesn’t have any hard time para makapagpapicture sa kanya. She even cares for those fans who came from far places just to watch and have some photos with the players. IBANG KLASE ‘DIBA?!? Wait, paki-tag ang Sorrento. Hahahaha.


I remember there were instances when we felt like it was “Arena vs Team Jheck” during fights with Petron in many Grand Prix games, where Ariel and Amanda were part of Cignal back then, not ignoring the huge number of supporters of F2 Logistics and drummers of Foton Tornadoes. We’ve received lots of booos and annoying words and gestures from other fans. The young ones will just look at us, admins, and we will just smile back to them giving signs on what they should do – PAY NO ATTENTION. These irritating experiences made us even more hyped while cheering. True enough, having fun all the time and overlooking the negativities around us made each encounter more remarkable. Win or lose, we’re happy and satisfied because we cheered, applauded and shouted to our hearts content.

To my beloved Team Jheck, we’ve went through a lot, guys! We’ve been together for many seasons now, from lining up to get some tickets to simple dine outs to big events and surprises. People come and people go, as we say. Many are being inactive for quite some time due to other priorities and life matters, me included. But we adhere to the label that we have established from the start – WE ARE FAMILY.

And to answer the first question above – this is Admin A, Team Jheck since 2015. 😘



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