Dreaming Lately

Okay, this is mind-blowing.


The other night, in the middle of a regular convo with Kuya Shades, who’s enjoying Taiwan for the whole week, I told him that I am looking forward to his blog since I am curious about his thoughts of travelling solo again after months of going out with companions. After replying with “Hahaha, ewan,” he then expressed his idea of expanding the focus of his blog and not limiting his write-up on travel blogs alone.

I was reminded that I actually dreamt about his blog site a week ago. In my dream, I was talking to Kuya Keso together with other TFIOB friends and Jeff’s site is up in one of the screens in front of me. I then noticed that he changed his tagline. From “Inspirational thoughts and stories through traveling that I wanna share someday to my future children/grandchildren… (This one is copy-paste, obv. Lol.),” the tagline became shorter but with greater impact, to me in particular. We associated it to While You Were Sleeping, the kdrama he’s currently watching. It’s my 2nd successful influence to him after DOTS.

Do not ask what the new tagline is for I cannot really remember the exact words. Recalling a part of my dream is actually a miracle already. Haha


Wait, what am I trying to say here?


After discussing more about that dream, the chat I had with a college friend last Monday jog into my memory. We are not talking on a regular basis, but my dream prompted me to ask how she is. I shared to her that in my dream, I am talking with her personally when I saw that she doesn’t have a profile picture in Facebook. I felt strange and was certain that she’s not okay. She needs help. I woke up and check her account only to find out that she has a profile picture. But she then told me a recent painful experience, losing her first baby. True enough, she asked for healing of her heart and restoration of her faith. We ended the short conversation with a prayer.

Looking back five years ago, I remember Donna sending me a random text message, telling me, “Rhea, kumusta ka? Napanaginipan kita.” I also asked for prayer with regards to peace of heart and peace of mind back then. I wasn’t able to share to her what’s happening to me at that very moment, but it flicker hope within me knowing that someone is checking on me, that someone cares. I guess that’s the beginning of my healing process. The rest, as we all know, is history of failing and overcoming, of being lost and being found again.


With these recent encounters in my dream, I realized it is a calling for me to become more sensitive about others, a divine appointment. People who are close to me know that I have a short memory and often forget things. With the circumstance that I can remember some details, at least, I know I need to do something.

In fact, I should not rely on my dreams alone. Randomly, a person pops up in my mind whenever I’m in a restroom or walking on my way back home. Unexpectedly, the extra mattresses in my bedroom fell on the floor one day, leaving me confused and perplexed on how did that happen, and impelled me to keep on calling a specific person who’s on the verge of taking her own life at that very moment.

I believe that since God is continually expanding my circle of concern and circle of influence, He is bringing me ideas in many ways and manifests evidences that I need to check on these people  – because one “Kumusta ka?” may mean a lot to someone. One “How can I pray for you?” could actually save someone’s life.

One chat or text message, or even one smile, could make a difference.


So, kumusta ka?


11 thoughts on “Dreaming Lately

  1. Kumusta ka, Ate Exhibit? 😊

    Hahaha.. Nag-a ala WYWS ka na din yata. May isusulat din ako regarding dyan eh, pero next time na siguro. Tapusin ko muna yung lahat ng episode.. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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