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If I Am, And In The Meantime

I happen to read Marsymallow’s blog and was inspired to write my own list. In the beginning of her published entry, her question was:

“If someone walks up to you and asks you, what you TRULY want in life for YOURSELF alone that would GENUINELY make you HAPPY in LIFE and promises to give you that in a blink of an eye, right then and there, what would you tell him/her?”

Immediately, things I want to do and accomplish popped up in my mind one by one. So before these thought bubbles disappear in my head, I had to write my own version– the Exhibit A way. 🙂


If I am given skills, strength and resources, I would love to own a dance studio. It’ll be relieving to move rhythmically to any music my heart desires. I’ll sway, trip, twirl, and freely do some skip and slides. Following a sequence of steps, without restriction, I’ll openly spread my arms. In the meantime, I will enjoy dancing inside my unit whenever I feel like doing so. In front of a mirror, where only I can see, with delight and satisfaction, where my whole being can cheerfully go.

If I am given an all-expense paid vacation, I would definitely join a Holy Land Tour. I would visit Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, and Jerusalem including the Jordan River and Bethlehem. I’ll imagine Jesus walking and teaching as well as the disciples and all the people who gather around him. Recalling the Bible stories, from the time of Moses up to the Resurrection, my spirit will be filled with joy and wonder. In the meantime, I will revel in dwelling in His presence by meditating His Word and talking to Him through prayer.

If I am blessed with a child or two, I will do home schooling, for it is my dream when I was young to have a profession on teaching. I will learn with them and through them lessons that are not in academies. Values and characters will be established, to pass on to their future families. In the meantime, I will make it a point to guide and influence my nephews and nieces. I’ll spend time with them and make an impact by sharing my real life best practices.


If I am given a choice and all other aspects of my life will be in order, I would retire in a farm. Imagining it makes my heart feels so happy, thinking that trees and rivers will be around me. Where I can just pick a fruit whenever I have a craving and smell the flowers each day I feel like walking. In the meantime, I will devote some of my weekends and holidays visiting beaches and doing some hiking. I’d love to explore places since nature is one of the best ways for de-stressing.

If I am given a confidence and a privilege to speak in public, I would talk to the audience to never quit on living. I will encourage them that they will certainly get better and that they are able to conquer everything. I will share to them what I went through and inspire them with my life story. I will narrate my past mistakes and heartaches which form part of my strong testimony. In the meantime, I will enjoy meeting small groups and even settle on one-on-one discussions. Starting with a few, I would be glad to know that it will eventually reach the whole nation.


Metaphorically speaking: If I would be freed from fear of flying and falling, I would do sky diving. I wanted to experience seeing from above and prove to myself that I am capable of overcoming. Releasing all my doubts and anxieties to rise (again) up high will be a huge achievement. Trusting my own self and the other person will make me feel secured and protected.

In the meantime, I need to get up from bed first and prepare to go to the office. I have jobs to be done and waiting for me are chores and tasks with a long list. 🙂

Gising, Rhea Angeline! 🙂

Lels. Good morning. 🙂



12 thoughts on “If I Am, And In The Meantime

  1. Ang ganda ng question (totoong pang reflect) at ng mga answers mo. Gusto ko din tumira sa farm. For sure relax ka lang dun and ang peaceful. Mas okay din kung walang internet, lol

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