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Villa Escudero 2018

Family, next to God, is our top priority. Since we are living away from each other, we see to it that every occasion will be special and enjoyable. Just in time before the summer ends and while the students are not yet busy with their schooling, we planned to celebrate our parents’ 38th Wedding Anniversary at Villa Escudero last May 21-22, 2018.


Same as last year, I was forced and pressured I’ve decided and it was my pleasure to capture and collate video clips that create a wonderful memory for us to remember. See how fun it was to spend time with this bunch of sunshine.

It’s just so nice to end the summer with this fun-filled vacay!

(Click HD for better viewing)

Credits/Music by
Copyright: “Verge” by Owl City ©


10 thoughts on “Villa Escudero 2018

  1. Besh, hindi mawala sa paningin ko ang white na sling bag mo. Feeling ko, andoon ang pang-gas, pangbayad sa Villa Escudero at ang pang-tip sa mga parking boys. hahahaha.

    Galing ng video mo, bakit hindi ka nag-ganito nung Cebu naten?

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