Bro, She Needs Clarity

*Raw. Triggered.

I am telling you now. Give it to her.

Even if you think you are being obvious, believe me, she doesn’t have a single clue. Only through your words, she will be able to know.

Though actions, as they say, speak louder than words, she needs your confirmation since she cannot learn being assumptive, ever.

She appreciates how you express your love and care, but make it known that what you are showing is different. Make it known to her that she stands out from the rest. Else, she will take everything as a normal, consistent you. That there’s no special her whatsoever. Be clear with your intentions.

*She, means me.


To you who said that I am special from the rest, but not to the point that you are going to pursue me because you have baggage behind that needs to address –

To you who always remind me (and yourself) that you are not in love with me, not even like me, because by choosing so is the greatest expression of your love –

Thank you for the clarity.

In a world full of men who do not possess balls to even acknowledge their own feelings and choose to settle with #NoLabel relationships because of fear of rejection, fear of not being reciprocated, and what not–

Thank you, for making me believe that there are still brave men out there who will man-up, because yes, I deserve clarity.

Because we, women, need it and deserve it. 💗



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