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Cebu with Team DQ

As inspired by one of the honorable travel bloggers here in WordPress, I thought of putting a title, “Don’t Tell My Dad I Went Alone to Cebu and Don’t Tell My Mom I Got Tipsy.”Β But I can’t figure out the end result to them, to me and to the world. Haha.

This blog is actually long overdue and the paragraph above was drafted here for almost 2-months already. To be honest, I really had a hard time writing about the trip because every time I’m about to reminisce all the fun, I always end up browsing the photos and videos in my gallery, playing and replaying the BTS, and laughing so hard as if it was the first time I’m seeing those. Priceless, sobra.

Many had happened in the last few weeks as we had our own individual battles and emotional breakthroughs. There were times we’re conversing the whole day (and night) about anything under the sun (and the stars); and there were times we’re not hearing a single word from one another. I, for a fact, was not spared with these emotional rollercoaster, which brought me the idea of going back and forth to my own cave. But as I have always believed in the power that this friendship built and strengthened, Team DQ remains intact – even kilometers and miles apart, even during silence, even on busy and toxic schedules, even when one wanted to be clingy and the other does not, and even when another is struggling on the matters of the heart.

This was evident last night when we had a quick catch-up until midnight, which brought back the memories of Cebu trip in my mind and fired me up to finish this blog the moment I woke up today.


As I always put a disclaimer that I am in no way a travel blogger, let me, instead, formally(?) introduce to you these special friends of mine. I’ve been mentioning them a lot, especially on how they always show their love and care for me, but I guess this would be the first time I am enumerating them and describing them one by one – with the facts and discoveries I have observed during the 4-day trip, and in the overall experience I had with them. 😊


Ang Aking Imaginary Girlfriend

Facts and Discoveries:
– Jack of All Trade, Master of Moving On
– Head Choreographer and Mother Packer. LOL.
– Ely is basically the helper of the group. We can count on him from office reports to housekeeping. Haha. His special ability is to wash the dishes with international standards in the state of drunkenness.
Maarte, madrama, clingy, lahat-lahat na. Hahaha.


Welcome to Jassie’s World!

Facts and Discoveries:
– The Boss;
– Unitop’s Most Valued Customer;
– I would like to acknowledge that she’s hardworking and full of energy when it comes to her profession, seriously. I’m a proud friend;
– Jas can’t contain silence. She won’t stop speaking and telling stories while she’s busy doing something else, and we just had to nod and agree no matter what. Haha.
Masungit at hindi mapagbigay sa kaibigan at times, especially sa lasing at sa mga may “funs.” Hahaha.


Shades of Wanderer

Facts and Discoveries:
– The Travel Blogger, no doubt;
– Mr. Google – ask, and you will find an answer;
– Cup noodles are not allowed, especially during breakfast. Haha;
– Jeff is essentially the planner and organizer of every event. He is selfless and always willing to adjust;
– Jeff, like Jas, can’t keep silence on the roll. He plays music, instead, while we’re doing our personal stuff;
– Very thoughtful, pero mas masungit. #ImScared. Wahaha. ✌



The first and last days were spent on meeting bloggers from PSA and buying delicacies for friends and loved ones. Day 2 was composed of Taoist Temple, Temple of Leah, Sirao Garden and Tops. The 3rd day was enjoyed at OsmeΓ±a Peak, Kawasan Falls, Simala Shrine and dinner at Baywalk. We didn’t let the trip pass by without indulging the coolness of halo-halo from Moonbiz.

I highly recommend The Brown Cup for the sumptuous breakfast we had each day; Kuya JP for the tour; and Idolwanderer for the photo shoot.

Watch the full video here:


In one of my readings, I came across to the term “Mizpah” (Genesis 31:49). It means “May the Lord keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other.” I want the world to know that when I happen to read this, I remember you three.

To my cousins to Kuya Fred/Rene, you will always be remembered on every DQ, spam and egg. πŸ’—


Rhea Angeline
– Charm Expert, Master of Blackmailing
– The Sleepyhead


22 thoughts on “Cebu with Team DQ

    1. High school ako. Pasaway ako sobra noon e hehe. Gin pa iniinom ko πŸ˜‚Pero nung nagasawa na ako ayaw ko na ng alak ang pakla. Nagtry try ako mag Tanduay Ice pag may okasyon pero di ko rin keri hehe. Years ago na nung last inom ko at tikim pa. Kahit team building di ako nagiinom naulit lang sa Calaguas hehe 2 shots.

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    1. HAHAHA. kapag kinuha ko na ang project. Besh, I am the Alipin of the boss of super boss and UNITOP is hart hart. Makakabili ka ng Stainless na spoon na kapag binabad mo sa hot water e nagbebend. hahahaha

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  1. Hahaha.. Natawa ako sa thoughtful pero masungit. May ganun ba? 😁 Na-misinterpret nyo lang yung cup noodles, pero di ako galit kaya uwi na kayo, pls.. πŸ˜„

    Tsaka pang international standards pala yung dishwashing ability ni Ely? Matindi pala. Ely, punta ka naman sa bahay. Mura lang ba TF mo? LOL

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