Giveaway Winners

Before the week ends, let me formally announce the winners of the last giveaway blog I’ve published for gaining 333 WordPress followers here in Exhibit A. 🙂


‘Wag na nating patagalin pa!

The first winner who received Unilab Family Health Kit + The Slow Fix book was bughawblueasul of Ang Aking Imaginary Girlfriend.

Q: In the blog, 31 Facts About Rhea Angeline, posted on my 31st birthday, what is my favorite menu at Chili’s?

Your favorite at Chili’s is the unlimited tostada chips with skillet queso dip! 😀 Kumpleto ‘yan included ang word na “unlimited”…. Kinain na natin ‘to at nabasa ko na din at chineck ko pa uli… Bwahahahaha, iclaim ko na ang prize ko ah… Hahahahahaha.

And he really claimed it the day after the blog post! Haha. Ibang klase.

To Ely besh, I want to sincerely thank you for taking time reading the 160 published blogs here. Ikaw na ang sagana sa free time! Also, for taking time seeing me after a toxic day of presentation to tanders – with Ramen, Calfornia Maki and Coffee Jelly. I hope I was able to give you a 2-hour good memory at Starbucks. I hope, hahaha! No more drama here, punung-puno na tayo ng drama sa bawat araw. LOL. Congrats for winning the 1st question! 🙂


The second winner who received Starbucks Boracay Tumbler was none other than Mommy Meg of Nocturnal Mom Talks.

Q: What is my favorite memory last month of February, and among the 7 learning I gained during the experience, what relates to you the most?”

You conquered Mt. Daguldol last Feb and that’s your favorite. Eto yung sa lessons na nakarelate ako: Rest if you must. 🙂 Physically, mentally and emotionally tired ako lately because of my job but I agree that everybody should take a rest, not every once in a while but when you feel like you need it. Resting helps you relax, connect with your loved ones and spend time with God 🙂

Mowdel! 🙂

To Mommy Meg, it’s not everyday that we have a chance to talk to each other. Pero sobrang nakakatuwa na whenever we chat eh punung-puno ng puso at pag-ibig. I want to reiterate again that it’s not an accident that we were both online one weekend morning – that I was able to post something on my IG story the night before – and got your attention when you woke up. Masyadong masustansiya ang bawat conversation na meron tayo. Masaya akong nakilala kita. I hope to see you one day. P.S. Ang ganda mo po, especially the dimple. How to be you po? Hahaha.


For the grand prize… *drum roll*

Wait, let me explain first how it was decided. As promised, I tapped 6 of my non-blogging friends to be the “judgers” and asked them to rank the entries. CPA mode on, I tabulated the scores in Microsoft Excel Worksheet and the one with the lowest sum was declared the winner.

I was also the auditor. Haha.

The person who will receive various goodies and the one who will join me for a buffet meal will be…

*drum roll*

*drum roll*

*drum roll*

Alona of With Love, Alona!!!!





Q: Out of the 160 published blog posts here in Exhibit A, what is your favorite or what was that one entry that impacts your life? Please elaborate.

Exhibit A – I’ll echo what Jolens said when I once shared a very personal fact about me. Sometimes we tend to forget na behind the blogs we read are real people with real life problems. Minsan nakakalimutan lang natin, kasi alam mo yun, ang daling ioversight ng personal dilemmas.

I grew up in a Catholic family, went through issues, drifted in faith, tried finding the faith again and still struggling to maintain and believe in that faith. You are an attestation that faith, and that God, heals. This entry made me want to work on that faith, no matter how hard it is for me to really focus on what God wants me to do. Nakakalimutan ko kasi. Minsan nakakalimutan ko yung grace ni God. I tried attending services for the past years, pero walang nagreretain. Ewan ko. Parang hindi nagwork yung ministries na pinuntahan ko. Pajoin one time sa CCF? Yes, yung power ng shinare mo sa post na ‘to made me want to take that leap of faith again. Hindi naman ako non-believer or agnostic, tamad lang.

Just like Jheff, may mga patanong din ako; and same sentiments, di naman tayo close.

Ang haba na neto, pero alam mo kung anong kumurot sa puso ko? Yung poetry mong “Imagine”. Kasi andun na lahat. Ramdam na ramdam ko yung longing, yung feelings behind and in between the lines, and the words unsaid. The post was a year ago, I’m glad to see and read a happier you. A girl opening up to the world despite all the pain and hardships you went through.

To Alona dear, I really didn’t see this coming. Among the participants, ikaw, I guess, ‘yung pinaka hindi ko kilala, until we met last Saturday and had a heart-to-heart talk. Naalala ko nanaman ‘yung mga nakakalokang kwento mo! Wahahaha. (Guys, walang dayaang nangyari, promise. Hahaha.) With your statement above, I was actually overwhelmed with the idea that my writing really impacts some “strangers,” and it gave me a signal to keep on writing and keep on inspiring. For the Audience of One, by His grace alone – I definitely will. Contact me the soonest! Kung alam ko lang edi sana nag-buffet na tayo last time🙂


To others who joined the contest, hindi kayo mawawalan. Hindi din kayo magkakaron. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Nakakaloka! Pati ang “judgers” sinisingil ako. Ba’t ko ba ‘to ginawa? 😛


Anyway, from the bottom of my aorta, with my left and right pulmonary and coronary arteries, along with my superior and inferior vena cava, LOL, gomabseunida! Saranghaeyo! ❤

*Featured image not mine, CTTO.


17 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners

  1. Congrats sa ting lahat! Rheaaaaa!!!! Salamat salamat dahil nung araw na yon naliwanagan ako ng bongga. Kapag naguguluhan ako iniisip ko lagi yung sinabi mo na inconsistent pa ang aswers kaya baka kaya hindi pa hehe. I feel like we’re close kahit di pa tayo nagkikita. Salamat sa pagtyagang magbasa ng hinanaing ko nung araw na yon hahaha! You have a good heart and I hope magmeet tayo soon! Sharing tayo ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Loveyou!

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