333 WordPress Followers + Giveaways

It happened very fast.

‘Twas middle of March when I received a notification that 300 bloggers already followed Exhibit A. I was reminded by the plan when I was just starting this hobby that I’ll be writing an appreciation post and offer some giveaways when this site reached 300 followers. (For the elite bloggers out there, do not laugh at me. This blog site is too personal in nature that I did not even foresee being followed by a hundred. Haha. And yeah, I’m not into writing, believe me.)

Okay, anyare?

I’m too preoccupied with lots of things happening around me and I was engrossed with work (char!) and life events (naks, active!) these past weeks and told myself that I’ll be doing this kind of gratitude when the followers reached 333, instead. My other self agreed immediately. LOL.

Today is the day! I couldn’t postpone any longer.

Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

I do not know why I am kinda obsessed with the number 3. Maybe because of my birthday or maybe because I’m currently #DoubleThree. That’s not important, anyway.

So, ano’ng ganap? Edi, let’s have 3 winners!


The first winner will receive Unilab Family Health Kit + a book, The Slow Fix. This will be the first person who will answer the question, “In the blog, 31 Facts About Rhea Angeline, posted on my 31st birthday, what is my favorite menu at Chili’s?”



The second winner will receive a Starbucks Boracay Tumbler.Β This will be the first person who will answer the question, “What is my favorite memory last month of February, and among the 7 learning I gained during the experience, what relates to you the most?” πŸ™‚


The grand prize… HAHAHA. I don’t know if there’ll be one person who will pay attention to this. Okay, if you’re a man, the grand prize will be an exclusive ice cream date with me. HAHAHA. If you’re a woman, the grand prize will be an out-of-town with Kuya Shades. LOL. Char lang ‘yung sa’kin. Hindi char yung kay Jeff! I have evidence. Hahaha. Basta kasama ako,Β since I have to document the event. Haha.

Seriously, I will be giving you various goodies (one of which might be a copy of my photobook, if you’re interested lang naman to have one. May pirma ko, mas mahal ‘yun! LOL) and I will treat you with a buffet meal within the metro. Let’s talk about the details once you’re announced as the winner, especially if you’re not from Metro Manila and its nearby places. Pwede akong mag-adjust. πŸ™‚

My question would be, “Out of the 160 published blog posts here in Exhibit A, what is your favorite or what was that one entry that impacts your life? Please elaborate.” Hahaha. Essay-writing contest it is! Answers in English, Tagalog or Taglish will be accepted. I will be asking some of my non-blogging friends to choose the best.



Announcement of winners will be published on a separate blog.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who followed and kept on reading, liking and commenting my posts, even those that are non-sense. If not because of you, guys, I might have really ended this activity during my unhappy moments.

Every notification from you means a lot to me. πŸ™‚


P.S. While I’m on the process of conceptualizing this, I was talking with Ely about the idea of having an own domain, but I am still having apprehensions if I really need one. Then WordPress sent below email. What do you think? Is it just coincidence? Any thoughts?


*All photos are not mine. CTTO.


75 thoughts on “333 WordPress Followers + Giveaways

  1. YOU conquered Mt. Daguldol last Feb and thats Your favorite πŸ™‚ The one na nakakarelate or nakaimpact ako is the Big Bad Wolf experience dahil nakapunta rin ako don at ang daming tao! Haha! Kidding aside I think nung nakabili ako ng one book don for me at natapos ko, naencourage na ulit ako
    Magbasa πŸ™‚ Im On my third book for this year and determined akong makarami pa πŸ™‚

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  2. *** pakierase yung una ang daming typo haha!

    YOU conquered Mt. Daguldol last Feb and that’s Your favorite πŸ™‚ The one na nakakarelate or nakaimpact sakin is the Big Bad Wolf experience dahil nakapunta rin ako don at ang daming tao! Haha! Kidding aside I think nung nakabili ako ng one book don for me at natapos ko, naencourage na ulit ako
    Magbasa πŸ™‚ I’m on my third book for this year and determined akong makarami pa πŸ™‚

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  3. I want to answer number three din at kebs lang kahit hindi ako mawyn wyn marquez haha! Just want to tell you how much I appreciate this post. The one that impacted my life sa lahat ng post mo ay yung Only Hope. It was right on time. When I was so down (alam mo yan) saktong sakto yung wisdom don. I should trust God, lift everything to Him and remember that His hands are always open to catch us. If I focus on what’s happening outside and my own emotions, I will really feel depressed and stressed out but, if I turn to God, He will give me rest. God reveals His messages thru words and you’ll find it out when you least expect it. Thanks again, Rhea! More power sa blog mo πŸ™‚ Inspire more people and continue to be a blessing sa iba πŸ™‚ Lablab!

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    1. Lablab Mommy Meg. Alam mo ba, diba morning tayo nun magkausap about a certain topic. Tapos itong si Eleonor eh nagbuklat ng mga super old blogs at isa yang Only Hope sa ni-like niya. When I read it, ikaw agad ang naalala ko kasi we just talked about it nga. Nothing is accident talaga. 😊

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  4. Kinakarir ko talaga yung Bora tumbler haha! Sorry mali sagot ko sa lessons haha! Eto yung sa lessons na nakarelate ako:

    Rest if you must πŸ™‚

    Physically, mentally and emotionally tired ako lately because of my job but I agree that everybody should take a rest, not every once in a while but when you feel like you need it. Resting helps you relax, connect with your loved ones and spend time with God πŸ™‚

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  5. Your favorite at Chili’s is the unlimited tostada chips with skillet queso dip! πŸ˜€
    Kumpleto ‘yan included ang word na “unlimited”…. Kinain na natin ‘to at nabasa ko na din at chineck ko pa uli… Bwahahahaha, iclaim ko na ang prize ko ah… Hahahahahaha

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  6. First and foremost… Hahaha.. Grabe, ang competitive ni Ely, at lalung-lalo na si Meg. πŸ˜„

    Secondly, nagulat ako at tinotoo mo ngang ilagay yung inoffer kong out of town. Hahaha. Mabuti na lang binawi mo. LOL

    Lastly, bilang nanalo na ako dati sa pa-contest ni Space at ni Aysa, eh hindi na muna ako sasali sa pa-contest mo to give way naman to others. Baka maka three-peat ako, mahirap na. Baka sabihin nila may dayaang nagaganap. Hahaha..

    Pero, magbibigay na din ako ng entry ko. For me ang pinakatumatak sakin na blog mo is, syempre yung Exhibit A. Hindi pa kita kilala nun personally nung nabasa ko yun. Pero grabe, sobrang na-inspire ako sa story na yun sa kung paano mo yun napagtagumpayan. And at the same time, it brought out the Tito Boy Abunda in me na gusto kong magtanong ng magtanong pa. Pero di ko alam kung paano, kase di naman tayo close. 😁

    Kaya nung nagkaroon ako ng chance, diba ang dami kong tinanong? #Pagkakataon. Heheh.. Pero yung mga pag-interview ko naman eh free flowing lang at very mild lang. Hindi yung tipong mala-Jas na interview kung saan nasa hotseat ka at kakabahan ka talaga. LOL.. Sakin, chillax na convo lang. 😊

    So ayun. Kung ika-count mo pa din ito sa pwedeng maging winners, eh hindi naman siguro sasama ang loob ko. Hahaha..

    Congrats Rhea and more blogs to come! ☺

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  7. At talagang binacktrack ko talaga ung 160 post na yun sa ganitong oras imbes na itulog ko na lang. Hahaha. Hindi ako competitive. Tsismosa lang. Charet. Nacurious kasi ako.

    I know from reading your recent entries, na Christian ka. Akala ko dati, alam mo yun, yung regular na Christian blogs na nagtotalk about faith and all. Pero iba teh, you are a one strong woman.

    Exhibit A – i’ll echo what Jolen’s said when I once shared a very personal fact about me, sometimes we tend to forget na behind the blogs we read are real people with real life problems. Minsan nakakalimutan lang natin, kasi alam mo yun, ang daling ioversight ng personal dilemmas.

    I grew up in a Catholic family, went through issues, drifted in faith, tried finding the faith again and still struggling to maintain and believe in that faith. You are an attestation that faith, that God, heals. This entry made me want to work on that faith, no matter how hard it is for me to really focus on what God wants me to do. Nakakalimutan ko kasi. Minsan nakakalimutan ko yung grace ni God. I tried attending services for the past years, pero walang nagreretain. Ewan ko. Parang hindi nagwork yung ministries na pinuntahan ko. Pajoin one time sa CCF? Yes, yung power ng shinare mo sa post na ‘to made me want to take that leap of faith again. Hindi naman ako non-believer or agnostic, tamad lang.

    Just like Jheff, may mga patanong din ako and same sentiments, di naman tayo close.

    Ang haba na neto, pero alam mo kung anong kumurot sa puso ko? Yung poetry mong “Imagine”. Kasi andun na lahat. Randam na randam ko yung longing, yung feelings behind and in between the lines, and the words unsaid. The post was a year ago, I’m glad to see and read a happier you. A girl opening up to the world despite all the pain and hardships you went through.

    Congrats, Rhea. Hindi lang sa blog na ‘to but for choosing to stand up and believe in Him despite everything you’ve went through.

    Matutulog na talaga ako. Hahahah.

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  8. Congrats sa 300+ followers.Dahil may nag-pm sa akin sagutin ko daw ito πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚(alam na kung sino). Sa 160 post mo ang pinaka-favorite ko sa lahat un ” When meeting up over a cup of coffee doesn’t mean business networking” iba un impact sa akin as a housewife yun feeling na makikipag e.b lang sa kachat. Di ako sanay sa mga ganito madalas bahay lang talaga ako. Dahil napaka-supportive kong asawa kaya napasabit ako sa meet-up. Nun nakilala ko kayo lahat iba un feeling masaya pala yun makisalamuha, (literal na nag-dalawang isip pa ako na sumama). Lalo ka na di lang pala ako ang mahiyain sa grupo hahahaha yun mga tanong mo #1 and #3 tinanong ko din sa sarili ko yan kasi di naman ako madalas mag-blog or mag-comment baka mamaya di ako makarelate sa usapan. Iba yun feeling na lumabas sa comfort zone. It is a pleasure to meet you all ❀❀❀

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    1. Awwww. Ate, masaya akong nakilala kita/kayo. Kung hindi ako sumipot nun, ibang-iba ang 2018 ko no? Haha. Super saya ko po. As in. 😊

      ‘Yung nag-pm sayo nagkeclaim ng auto-giveaway. Hindi naman siya ‘yung buntis.

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  9. Hindi ako ang typical na follower at reader. Alam mong matandain ako sa detalye. Alam mong matandain ako sa petsa at mga pangyayari.

    Talaga bang 160 posts na ang naisulat mo? So 160 posts mo na ang nabasa ko (though may isang ‘di ko kumpletong nabasa dahil ‘di ko alam kung broken link o ano ba, so sige 159 lang)

    Alam mong nagte-take down notes ako sa mga posts na umantig sa puso ko, may screenshot ang mga mabibigat na linya, may pm ‘pag ‘di ako makarelate.

    Siguro kung sa sustansya ay mahirap magpasya kung ano ang pinaka… Masyado k’seng healthy para sa isip, puso, at kaluluwa… Kung basehan ay kilig, kirot, at “the feels”, sino ba naman ako para magpasya?

    Pero pahihirapan ko pa ba ang sarili ko sa kung ano ang pinaka-tumatatak sa puso ko?

    Babalikan ko na lang kung paano ako napunta dito…

    October 11, 2017. Dahil sa Promote Your Blog Post Thread sa TFIOB nabasa ko ang:
    The Stages of Moving On Ver.2.0: Ang unang-unang post mo na nabasa ko.

    (Para sa gustong makibasa:

    Ito ang pinakakakaiba sa lahat ng posts mo in terms of paano mo sinulat, ‘yung tono ng pagdeliver (na para namang naririnig ko hahaha), pinaghalong english at tagalog, at mga terms na ginamit (na impluwensyado ni tita witty)

    Pero higit sa lahat, umukit ‘to sa puso ko dahil sa panahong gusto ko nang mag-move on mula sa labimpitong taong “almost” pag-ibig ko, ito ang nabasa ko.

    Sobrang right timing. Parang hinulog ng langit para ipaalalang: Sapat na ang 17 years, tama na, move on na.


    At ang haba na nito. Gawin ko na lang kaya sa blog ko at ilagay ko na lang ang link dito? Hahahahahahaha.

    Note: ‘Di naman ako competitive ‘no? Hahahahahaha. Ipabasa mo pa din sa mga “Judgers” pero ‘wag mo na ako isali sa mga pagpipilian para sa Grand Prize (feelingero at assumero talagang numero uno hahahaha).

    Gusto ko lang talaga magcomment dito. Baka sakaling dito ako madiscover at sumikat din ako katulad mo. πŸ™‚

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  10. Besh, alam mo namang tamad ako mag-type kaya pwede bang i-recite ko na lang yung sagot ko kapag nagkita tayo? hahahaha.
    Saka okay na ako sa spam and egg as long as kasama kayo. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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    1. Yung Q1 and Q2 may winners na. Naningil na nga ng prize yung isa. Yung isa naman eh in transit na. Hahaha. Until month-end ang entry, may nagmamakaawa. Hahaha. Tingnan natin ang pipiliin ng non-blogging friends. 😊

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