Prose & Poetry

In My Cave


When the world is loud and the earth is in turmoil,
I search for silence.
When the universe judges and the galaxy condemns,
I long for stillness.

There is a cave,
Built within me that no one can enter easily.
There is a hideout,
Which embraces me with warmth that feels so comfy.

Here, I find rest and solitude.
Here, I earn peace and strength.
Far from the chaos that other human bears;
Out of the way of the disorder that life conveys.

But I tell you, my friend, here in my underground chamber, do not let me stay longer.
For it means something is not right,
It denotes something is making me feel bad.
Give me a moment,
Grant me some time.
Then see me afterwards,
Hug me tight and ask me how I am.

Let me cry for a while.
Let me frown a little.
Then below this natural cliff – snatch me.
For in this cave is where I’m not ought to be.

Make me smile.
Make me feel happy.

~ RheaAngeline / 04.11.2018


15 thoughts on “In My Cave

  1. Oh, we create those caves and walls around us sometimes to protect us from life. But even in our solitude, we’re not protected. There’s always that longing to touch, to feel, to sense, to fill the emptiness.

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