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Do I Deserve To Be Loved Like This?

*This is, still, not yet my Cebu blog.

Side kwento:

Yes,Β kinain ko nang walang sauce. πŸ˜₯


As far as I know, I shared limited information about this Cebu trip to the parental units. They did not even know the exact dates of my travel until such time that I’m already in the airport and sent them a snapshot of my boarding pass. The moment they knew I was flying, my mom just popped a heart while my dad just bid good bye saying,Β “Ingat ka diyan. Gumala ka hindi mo kami sinama ng mommy mo. Lol. Bigay mo sakin contacts.”


Nice isn’t?

Or maybe not? Haha.

I didn’t see this coming, really. I thought I escaped the idea of receiving long messages that secures I’m doing fine. Who would’ve thought that I was bombarded with reminders from the night before my flight until the morning I was about to leave the condo – with my mom and dad combined – in the person of these two?

Jeff 1
Irrelevant parts of the conversation were deleted.
Jeff 2
It took me 3.5 hours before starting packing.

On my mind, at first, β€œGuys, anong nangyayari? It’s not even my first time traveling, at local lang ako!” But seriously, the things they’ve reminded me with are the exact items I tend to forget! Good job, guys! Good job!

Ely 2
Nagsesermon na ang itay.
Ely 1
This is too funny that I can’t not share. πŸ˜€

This is just one of the many overprotective-convo-with-sermon-ek-ek-scenario that I’ve encountered with them. This is, actually, of little depth compared to other deeds they’ve exerted for me (e.g. read here and here). Having that in mind, I always ask, “Do I really deserve receiving such level of love? Did I save a nation in my past life that I am being blessed in this present life?”Β (Chos lang ‘yung last. #Kdrama feels.)



Nevertheless, these friends will agree with me that the love they are expressing is nothing compared to the love of the Father who gave His only begotten Son for the redemption of the sins of mankind. The friends I’ve been mentioning a lot by now won’t die for me, and I am not going to die for them as well – truth be told. This crazy love of Jesus caused Him to suffer all the shame and all the blame for me to experience the fullness of life (John 10:10). This same love was the one who lifted me up during my lowest of lows and this unchanging love was the one who found me when I am miserably gone astray. All because He, himself, is love.

Maybe I deserve the love from my friends, as they always insist; but I won’t ever be deserving of the love of Jesus Christ who died on the cross two thousand years ago – once, and for all. For it is not based on who I am but because of what He has done and it’s not because of what I’ve done but because of who He is.

“No one is good enough that he doesn’t need salvation; and no one is bad enough that he can’t be saved.”



Jassie, on the other hand, prefers to be visual as she cannot bear staying in long conversations over texts and chats. The moment she feels the need of her presence, she’ll immediately call you over the phone or video call the group until two in the morning. Without knowing it, you may find her outside your office after a week of hard work. She can disregard that her body is tired and she can ignore her own suffering just to be with you. Such a selfless soul.

Just recently, I really felt the overflowing love of this woman as she rebuked me big time. Tough love, as they say, and the very moment I was bursting into tears was the very instance I appreciate her all the more.

Like the Lord who disciplines me in many ways and instilling in my mind that being straightened out is painful but being left crooked will ultimately hurt even more, I recognize that it is for my own good – it is to make me a better person, little by little. I value such kind of openness and correction.


One quarter of the year has passed by so quickly. I can tell that I was able to live the previous 3-months meaningful and joyful. Not because I deserve it, but only by the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

*Posting of screen shots above was duly signed and approved by the concerned parties. No beshiecake was harmed during the creation of this blog.



15 thoughts on “Do I Deserve To Be Loved Like This?

  1. “Posting of screen shots above was duly signed and approved by the concerned parties.” – Objection your honor! LOL. Natawa ako dito, may disclaimer talaga. πŸ˜„

    It’s been an exciting 3 months for you. Looking forward sa mga darating pang buwan. The Lord is really pouring out His blessings upon you this 2018. God bless you always. ☺

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