On Losing And Gaining

“Ang ganda naman ng hikaw mo. Blue ba ‘yan o green?,” a random colleague asked me while we’re lining at the ATM of Unilab’s main reception early this afternoon.

‘Twas a dangling earing I bought in Cambodia way back 2013, when I am thirdwheeling and my heart is on the process of healing. It’s pretty, yes. But I rarely use it because I find it too girly (and I’m not) and it matches limited apparel available in my closet.

Nah… too many words.

I’m just missing my pearl earings.

If you happen to read one of my previous posts on how I adore my pearl earings, you might feel sad for me knowing that I totally lost it. Yup. It was after I took a bath last climb when I found out that I’m not wearing my earings anymore. I’m thinking it was due to the big waves I’ve experienced on that rocky beach caused by a less than 10-minute dip with injury on the side, LOL. Nonetheless, I’m happy to announce that I didn’t feel bad at all. Why? I am and still consumed with the joy of gaining new friends, that losing a favorite thing didn’t matter.

Going home that night not wearing any earing feels like something is lacking, seriously. I feel naked. OA lang. Haha. I have this mannerism of touching it, like the way I touch the pendant of my favorite necklace just because. But going home that night with a heart filled with gladness is really something. Up to the very moment I am writing this entry, I’m still wondering what I’ve done in the past years that I am continually being blessed with amazing people like them.


I miss my pearl earings, yes. This calls for another trip to Palawan. Nice excuse, right? Haha. I miss my friends, certainly. This calls for another meet up, or maybe another getaway. One clingy soul here. Haha. (Lord, sana po nababasa nila.)

I lost something special which can be replaced. I gained something extraordinary, which is irreplaceable – that, I think, is awesome. ‘Yung experience sa climb, bonus na lang ‘yun.


25 thoughts on “On Losing And Gaining

  1. “I lost something special which can be replaced. I gained something extraordinary, which is irreplaceable..” – May kelangan pa ba akong sabihin? Nandyan na lahat eh. That says it all. Galing. ☺

    Pusuan ko na lang din kase wala nako ma-comment.. 😊😁💗

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