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7 Things I Learned From My First Climb – Mt. Daguldol

Climbing a mountain has been part of my bucket list since last year. I remember writing in my journal that I’ll go up the summit at least once every quarter. Apparently, none of my circle was into it and my introverted-self hesitated to join a group for the whole 2017. Plus, the extreme anxiety on whether I can handle the activity physically kicked me greatly.

Until my first meet-up with TFIOB – when mountaineering had been one of the main topics; when they all had stories to share about climbing; when I got inspired to pursue my desire to experience the peak; when the plan to make it happen started – ‘twas like a dream coming true, arm’s reach.

“Ang lakad na hindi naging drawing…” – Grace


Mt. Daguldol, San Juan Batangas
February 3, 2018
The Fault in Our Blogs

I won’t go into detail on how the day went. I will let the travel bloggers do that. Hahaha. I’ll be editing this post and put the links below for reference once their blogs are up. For the meantime, take time to read this and prepare to laugh hard.

Instead, allow me to share with you what I learned during the journey and how I relate it to day-to-day living. Ehem, ito ang forte natin eh. 🙂

Going up makes me catch my breath.  It takes an effort. It entails hardship. It involves suffering. Now I know what assault means. As Jas described it, “Nakakainit ng ulo, pahirap sa buhay.” Nonetheless, every one still wanted to go up. No one set a goal and stayed at the foot of the mountain. It’s tough, yet it’s necessary. Besides, one cannot appreciate being on top without experiencing the adversity of going up.


Rest if you must. Do not be in a hurry. There’s no competition so take it easy. Sit for a while, grab a jelly ace, sip an energy drink, turn on your handy aero fan and have a chat with your friends. Slowly but surely, or you’ll end up being damaged badly.


It’s okay to get dirty and messy. The more I inhibit myself from getting muddy, the higher the probability of me, being in danger. It’s okay, no one will judge you. Who’s clean, anyway? (Errr… Ang sarap talagang buhusan ng kumukulong putik ‘yung mga paa ni Eleonor.)


Be careful on what you hold on to and learn to let go immediately. Either going up or down, you have the tendency to hold on to a rock, a plant, a branch or whatever you could grab to support you. I actually had little scratches from the thorny plants. As an impulse move, it’s okay to hold on to anything (or anyone) as needed, but if you’re getting hurt even more, learn to let go immediately. For emphasis: IMMEDIATELY. #NoteToSelf


Going down can be slippery. Due to the outpour of the rain while we’re in the peak, we had a difficulty on holding firmly while going down the trail because the ground is smooth, wet and slimy. I can’t count how many times I shriek in fear as I was about to slide and get hurt. I thought going down would be easy, but like in real life situation, it’s the very moment that you need people to help you out and cheer you up. Make sure that there’s someone looking at you and willing to catch you when you fall. Ugh, did I ever say that?


Being on top pays it all. It is. All worth the sweat and energy. Breath-taking. Superb. So marvelous, astonishing, perfect, delightful, magnificent – all understated narrative on what my mind could describe. It made me praise and glorify the Creator for such wonderful and splendid view. The anguish of going up, dirt and cuts, body ache and all that – nothing compared to what my eyes have seen. So comforting. I’m in love.


Achievement Unlocked! I conquered not just a mountain but my own fears and apprehensions. Kaya ko pala. But definitely, I have to acknowledge that it won’t be possible without the amazing team I am with. Being the sole first-timer, they’ve guided me from the preparation, took care of me from the start and made sure I’m in good shape until we went back to the jump off area. In fact, what I learned most is that no matter what you’re going through or what you wanted to attain, it is important to be surrounded by wonderful imperfect people who’ll just laugh at you to make you feel better, but the sweetest ones who’ll help you carry your extra baggage and goes with your pacing, patiently.


To Jonathan, Genny, Neil, Grace, Jeff, Lyra, James, Jas, Maklein, Lhory, Ely, Lanlan, Marts and Joanna, thank you for this meaningful experience. Ang saya ng puso ko. ‘Till our next! 🙂


Watch Mt. Daguldol in a 2-minute video below.

*Photo/video credits: Gurezu and ShadesOfWanderer.


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42 thoughts on “7 Things I Learned From My First Climb – Mt. Daguldol

  1. Isa sa tumatak sakin yung #4, dahil ilang matitinik na halaman din yung nakapitan natin during climb. But like what you said – if you’re getting hurt, learn to let go. Aray ko po. Hahah.. Maraming makaka-relate sa realizations na yan. 😄

    On a serious note, congrats sa first ever climb mo, Rhea. Naway nag-enjoy ka kasama kami. Heheh.. More to come! ☺

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Wow preeees. Ang galing ng mga pag relate mo. Gusto ko yung “Make sure that there’s someone looking at you and willing to catch you when you fall.” Yup. You didn’t just say that. You allowed it to be published when you could have edited and deleted that. HAHAHAHA. 😂😘

    Akyat ka rin Mt. Maculot pres. Sa Batangas pa rin yun. First climb ko yun. Sobrang struggle din paakyat pero bawing bawi sa taas. Ang GANDA ng view. Kahanga hanga. Ang galing talaga ni Lord. 😍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I never said that! How did you know? LOL. Oyyyy! Kitain mo ako sa Cebu ha!

      Ako ay batang kaladkarin lamang kung saan yayayain ng mga kaibigan. Haha. Sige banggitin ko yang Mt. Maculot na yan. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ibang-ba ang imahe mo pag nasa Cebu ah! Hindi kita maimagine na tumutugstugs. Wahahaha. Teka, safe ba akong ikaw ang kasama ko sa tugs tugs na yaaaan? Engeng NBI Clearance, for copy ng parents. Wahahahaha.


  3. The secret to survival is knowing what to hold on to and knowing what to let go! Classic talagang topics yang holding on and letting go na yan…isama mo pa ang moving on! Hahaha! Well done! Congratulations on your first climb!

    Liked by 1 person

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