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I Got Bruised Again

I never learned my lesson. 

The clumsy me strikes once again early this morning. Nope, I’m not sleepy anymore as I already took a bath that moment. Nope, I went to bed on time and had a good 7-hour sleep. I’m just so inelegant on the way I act and move, especially when I’m home – my comfort zone.

I never learned my lesson.

It was so painful this time that I hopped with one foot, made an unpleasant facial expression and screeched in discomfort until I lied down in my bed while inhaling and exhaling in agony. The feeling is excruciating.

I never learned my lesson.

I got bruised once again. My skin was scraped. Discoloration appeared. It never bled unlike the last time but its surrounding became swollen – the same size of an “okay” sign when creating a circle with my thumb and index finger.

Poor lower leg.

It wasn’t the first time I hit the corner of the bed frame when walking from the mirror to the closet. I should’ve turned around first, then turned left. I did both simultaneously. I’m doing it habitually. Without a doubt, I never learned my lesson.


As I decided to put down all my anxieties one by one this year, trying new things and being open-minded to lots of possibilities, and not limiting myself to my highest potential until I moved from #ImScared to #NoLongerScared, I realized that I should learn first to be careful of my own self. The bed and the frame stay as is, and so as the filing cabinet in the office and the normal flow of treadmill in the gym. These things were not the ones that inflict injury on me, but me and all my negligence. I realized that I should stop blaming other people, circumstances and outside factors for all the pain I suffered in the past, rather check my heart and push myself to change from recklessness and impulse behavior to being cautious, sensible and responsible in all things. Not rushing. Not in a hurry. Not acting in great haste.

Hoping that eventually, I will reap the good consequences of learning my lesson.


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