Words Remain Unspoken

Some received it last month. Others just posted early this week that they already have it. Different people. Different ways of sharing their thoughts. Different messages of gratification. One common response. They’re all happy – laughing so hard on what they’ve just read.

I’m drowning with envy.

Since the day I went back to Manila, I am asking the receptionist daily if there was something for me from Singapore. I need it. I need Space‘s letter. I need to laugh. I need some encouragement and motivation.

I’m actually on the acceptance stage that it won’t reach me at all because of two possible reasons. One, I’m not receiving my monthly OR from Sunlife despite that my financial adviser keeps on telling me that my mailing address is already updated. Two, the letter sent to me do not have any surname. HAHAHAHA. So Space!

I was already one hour late in the office due to the – WAIT! It’s not #TheSeason!

Oh yeah, it’s year-end closing and I went home soooo late the night before. (“Gusto ko lang namang maging housewife. Hindi ko pinangarap maging mandirigma.” – me, every time I’m toxic with work.) Still dizzy and wearing my smallest eyes this year (so far), my adrenaline rushed and my heart jumped when I saw an envelope in my doorstep.

Waaaaaaaaa!!! I’m wide awake now!!!

No surname! HAHAHAHA.
Nice. Nice.

Even if I haven’t opened the mail yet, my heart was filled with gladness for receiving much love from Instant Asia. Space mode on:Β “It’s such an honor like an honor student.”

I love handwritten letters. I love receiving little notes of inspiration, even those written in post-its. I adore greeting cards. I appreciate personal gift cards. I love snail mails and everything about writing that comes from the heart. It means giving me some of the sender’s precious time, my love language. It means that the sender thought about me and took some effort to express how he/she feels for me through words, my second love language.

Labyu, Mother Eu! 😘

I won’t reveal what was written inside to leave something for me. Don’t worry, there is no privacy that needs preservation. Knowing Space, the letter only showcased her humour and creativity, no more and no less. I’ve read it many times and I laughed the same way every single moment. I’ve even read it before writing this blog entry.

Early this week, I was about to write how I feel sad for not receiving this mail. More than its physical nature, I was longing for the words coming from the heart of a friend whom I haven’t met in person, yet.

It was “hell week” for a Finance person like me. It’s just amazing how it was perfectly orchestrated that this letter was read on Friday night, when I’m totally exhausted in all aspects. Just right on time. Space mode on: “This is very very osom mga ka-DDS.”

If warm hugs cannot be done at the very moment, do not hesitate to call a friend and cheer him up. Send a PM. Leave a note. Any words of encouragement will make him believe on himself again. Check her when she seems so silent. Tell her she’s beautiful when you mean it. Say sorry and be sincere. Laugh on her IG story so she can feel that it’s worthy to share some things to others – and you’re loving it. Respond on every tag, it means you are remembered. Ask randomly how you could pray for the people around you. As long as it is beneficial to the person and glorifying to the Lord, guys, do not let your words remain unspoken. ❀


27 thoughts on “Words Remain Unspoken

  1. 1 month bago nakarating ang card! Hahahaahaha! Kala ko din di na makakarating kasi walang apelyido! Hahahahaha! Yung mga linya ko naka-quote! It’s so osom! Mas masaya ang sender na malaman nyang na-appreciate ng tumanggap ang binigay nya. Salamat sa pagtanggap sa akin bilang tagapagligtas at… wahahhahaha! 😘😘😘

    Liked by 4 people

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oo tinanggap kita bilang tagapagligtas! Salamat sa pangkabuhayan package! Ang totoo ginupit ko yung sobre sa pinakadulo nang sobrang nipis. Baka kasi may magupit akong pera sa loob. Wahahahaha. Salamat Ate Space! Isa kang blessing sakin. 😘

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Nakita ko ang card na ito personally, at ang masasabi ko lang ay napaka creative talaga ni Space. Magaling, magaling.. ☺ Hindi ko na tinignan yung loob kase for privacy na rin, kahit na alam kong mas marami ang kalokohan na nakasulat dun kesa sa mga pribadong bagay. Heheh..

    And I agree, iba pa din talaga pag mga letters at cards ang natatanggap. Mas may personal touch eh, mas madadama mo sya. Kahit gaano pa tayo ka-high tech ngayon, the best pa dn talaga ang “old school” way.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Sabagay, di nga naman kelangan maging uso. What I mean pala is sana yung mga kabataan ngayon mamulat uli sa ganyan. Tapos kumalat pa sa kapwa nila kabataan.

      Kaya ikaw LP, simulan mo na magpakalat ng ganyan ah? ☺

      Liked by 1 person

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