This Will Be My Last Blog Post

‘Twas a great 3-year run in the area of blogging. Kudos to all your write ups and thank you for taking time reading mine.

The statement above has been lingering in my thoughts weeks ago. I told a very close friend that I don’t want to blog anymore and start doing something else. He said to take some rest first because it seems I’m just tired with lots of things.

I enjoy writing. I enjoy sharing my ideas and anything that’s happening with me, which I guess gives inspiration to other people. I admit I had thoughts on whether this blog site serves its purpose or not. Some individuals actually say that I’m using this as a channel to ruin them or put shame on them. Sinisiraan ko daw sila. Though I keep on asking what’s the title or at least send me a screencap that supports their claim and they could not provide a thing, I admit, it affects me. If making me feel bad is their grandest plan, I admit, they’ve succeeded.

Most of my entries are focusing on empowering ones self, personal leadership, realizations and life lessons. I am not sure how many of my followers here really read my writings. I’m not sure if the likes I get in sharing the links in SNS really corresponds to the number of reads the blog gets.

I’m not even confident with this craft. I’m not good in English, neither in expressing myself well articulately using my native language.

Yup, for a time, I wanted to withdraw from people again. Whether be it from social media or in this blogosphere, I searched for silence.

Truth is, I write blogs as a way of reminding myself or prepare myself from the upcoming difficulties or situations. If it inspires people, I do not know. But I get inspired with it, really.

When I was in the verge of putting this site down, a friend randomly expressed her willingness to finance me so IΒ could get my own domain name. When I was in the middle of composing my ending words in mind, two officemates randomly asked for the link for they wanted to subscribe and be informed whenever there is a latest publish. I was told that someone was lonely and reminded to be grateful after reading my post three weeks ago. I got a notification that stats are spiking and traffic was booming.

I don’t know how to say this or how this very entry I am writing today leads to something. I don’t understand. It seems like a confession of a blogger or whatnot. One thing is for sure, I will continue to write. Maybe I will take some hiatus as suggested to me but I will definitely never stop writing.

I will continue to write even if only one reader is left, even if that one reader means myself. Because if the main purpose of this blog is to inspire people, I will continue to write even if it inspires only one – even if it means only me.

Yes, this will be my last blog post, maybe this month. Or maybe this week.

Until then.

~ Rhea Angeline

P.S. Will continue to publish #RHEAlizations on my FB page as scheduled for the whole month of October. πŸ™‚




37 thoughts on “This Will Be My Last Blog Post

  1. Akala ko naman ate forever na! Huhu. Please don’t be affected by negativity. Mas madami kaming sumusuporta at nagbabasa ng blog mo. Sabi ko nga noon, pakiramdam ko reminder palagi ang post mo sa’kin every time nahihirapan ako and tinetest faith ko.

    Nonetheless, whatever would make you happy, support ka lang namin. Hugs!!

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  2. Minsan I am also thinking of taking a blogging break/hiatus hehe. Tama yan, don’t stop writing. Sometimes nakakapressure ang ibang bloggers. I’ll share a secret. Last year parang ayaw ko na magblog kasi yung mommy blog group na sinalihan ko ay hindi ako naisama sa Christmas Party LOL. Naisip ko baka dahil baguhan ako. Tapos nagreregister ako sa sponsorship pero di ako napipili haha! Parang sobra akong napressure na mag gain ng something sa blog ko. But then I realized na sinimulan ko ang blog ko dahil gusto kong magsulat ulit. It’S for myself. Hindi para makakuha ng libreng products or maging “in”. Sapat na yung readers na matyagang nsgcocomment at nagbabasa ng posts ko kahit na minsan wrong grammar lelz. When I stopped chasing for material things out of my blog, dun biglang may blessing na napili na ako sa sponsorship and kumita na ng konti. Ayun, wala lang. sulat lang kami ng sulat. Support kami sayo sa TFIOB ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

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  3. Just continue kung ano talaga yung love mo… which is writing. Don’t mind those negative people. Parte na talaga ng mundo ang ganung mga tao eh, so hayaan mo na lang.

    And yeah, baka need mo lang din talaga muna ng break. Hinga-hinga ka muna and relax. Enjoy other things para pagbalik mo sa pagsusulat recharge ka na.

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  4. Hakala ko totoo ng last blog post. 😊

    Wag Ate, hihi(feeling close po ako noh). Ang galing mo po kayang mag-English tapos mga inspiring pa. Kapag nga po ako’y nauubusan na ng hope, may favorite po akong binabasa sa niyong posts. So as I always said, Keep on writing po para may i-keep on reading si ako. 😊😊😊 Aja. Tuloy lang. πŸ‘

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  5. Yung blog post mo na Stages of Moving On… ang nakapag patatag sa akin wahhahahahaha! Kundi dahil dun wala ako ngayon charot! Seriously, wag kang hihinto.. by all means ng pagbibigay ng inspiration, blog post man or kind words sa katulad ko awuw! Basta lavern! ☺️❀️

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  6. This is the first post I read today and I feel like your speaking about me. I don’t think you should quit and I think even just this blog post was written very well and I completely understand where your coming from when you were talking about people thinking your writing about them. I have gone back and forth on the idea on my blog but not to talk or call out anyone. I just see a lot of wrongs going on even just around me and I would like to speak on it as a way of some self therapy and to maybe connect with and give ideas to others going through the same things or just seeing the same kind of injustices as myself. But I am definitely following you and please don’t stop writing you seem like you have something meaningful to say in all of your posts. Its not often you can find one post from a blogger and think “No! Don’t stop writing now, you just inspired me!” You inspired me to write what i want on my own blog regardless of what anyone may say or think about it. People get tired of feeling like they just have to shut up so that other people don;t get offended especially when its something they are doing they even know is wrong. Keep writing!

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  7. Nawili ako kababasa ng comment– nakalimutan ko na halos na mag cococment din pala ako Rhea. Lol.
    So ito na nga :
    “Truth is, I write blogs as a way of reminding myself or prepare myself from the upcoming difficulties or situations. If it inspires people, I do not know. But I get inspired with it, really.”
    –hindi nalalayo iyong layunin mo sa akin gal. Let me share a story … πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (natatawa na ako), serious na πŸ˜‘

    … last year a friend introduced this page sa akin. For what reason? Simple lang, PALIPAS oras. Na-kill talaga ng writigs ko ang time ko. As in! Hanggang sa naalala ko, way back hs, may mga collections ako ng writings ko … together with my closest friends . I posted it here. Literal! Naka post lang. What did I mean? Naka post lang, kasi 1 lang follower ko, sarili ko. Then I’m loving re-reading my own masterpiece. Hanggang sa may 2 nadagdag last year, so 3 na kami.

    Point of this–hindi mahalaga kung may followers, kung maynagbabasa talaga o totoo ang mga taong nadadaan sa postanatin. What really matter is IKAW. Kung maka-inspire ka, thankyou, if not, thankyou still . Why? Kasi you’re doing these not to please others,but yourself. Kung ano nagpapasaya at nagpapagaan ng loob mo , you can a break , pero ituloy mo padin iyong forte. Bet you, mahirap fu-morte sa forteng hindi ikaw 😊.

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    1. Ayun na nga. I never mind before if may mag-like ba or comment or share. Masaya akong nairerelease ko ang thoughts ko this way, regardless if may matuwa. Pero yung may nagsasabing sinisiraan ko daw sila, I was like, “Asan? Patingin?” This already happened last time. Kaso nangyari nanaman with the same set of people. Kaya medyo na-off ako that I had to reflect and evaluate my own self. Ayun. Pero tama, I must not stop writing. No matter what.


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