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Gratefulness Beyond Brokenness

Walt Disney was fired because his boss said he lacks imagination.
Abraham Lincoln returned from war with a lowest military rank of his nation.
Thomas Edison was told he was too stupid and his future is dim.
Michael Jordan was cut by his coach from his high school basketball team.

You might be feeling down and lonely right now for unknown and unidentified reason.
Or you are suffering from rejection and betrayal of another person.
Maybe you are tired and seems like nothing’s working fine.
Or longings remain unfulfilled and disappointments are creating its long line.

and feels like working as a slave.
and feels like someone’s digging your grave.

A family member has passed away.
Bills are piling up from day-to-day.
Leaving the country for a job.
A misunderstanding with someone you love.

When you wake up one morning and seems like you can’t get up.
Remember these people,
And ponder,
“What if they’ve given up?”

Think of one happy thought, remind yourself that you are blessed.
Know that you can be grateful out of your own brokenness.
For if you are weary and burdened, Someone said to come to Him.
In exchange of your heavy loads, He can take it, give you rest,
Make you whole and clean.

Because He cares for you and He loves you
Enough reasons to take a deep breath
Trample that doubt, crash that sadness
You are a conqueror. Claim it!

Life must and will go on.
Smile, you’re not alone.


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