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I’m Tired And I’m Grateful

‘Twas a tough week, seriously. I wasn’t sure if I’m happy with that 3-day work week or what.

I’m so tired. My whole body is actually chillin’ right now and I don’t know if this pink pen will make some difference on how I feel at this exact moment.

“Lord, I’m tired.”
“Beks, pagoda.”

Nothing comes to my mind. I am overpowered with the physical weakness that consumes my whole being due to the strongest combination of #TheSeason and #MonthEndFeels.

I. Am. Tired.

‘Twas a difficult week, seriously. I’m excited that 3-day off comes after that great turmoil. Come to think of it, I was able to deliver all my deadlines. I am happy that I even made it to our DGroup this Thursday. I had lunch-outs with friends – we had Jollibee and Oks Manok. I published a blog. I read a book and watched a KDrama. I still slept for an average of seven hours per night. I had good chats with my family and closest friends.


I may be tired because of the demands of my job but I am grateful that I do not experience daily traffic. I may be tired because of the career I chose but I am grateful for I did not experience waking up one day, thinking and worrying if I have something to eat.

I. Am. Grateful.

For the busy weeks have been and for the tiring weeks ahead, I will continue to focus on life’s blessings however simple these may be. It might sound like I’m convincing myself now, I admit. But I’d rather do it than fill my heart with all the negativities that surround me.

Yes, I’m tired.
And yes, I am grateful. 💙


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