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Rejoice! I Am A Third Wheel, Not A Third Party

Two goals for this blog post: One, to kick-off the series for the month of September about gratefulness in all forms and in all season; second, to share with you a glimpse of my recent trip to my favorite island, Boracay.


Two weeks ago when I came across to the On This Day feature of Facebook and randomly read one of my posts way back 2011. It talks about wondering what the other side of the fence could offer and hoping that while I do not have enough reason to cross that other side, contentment and gratefulness fill me within.

I shared it immediately not because I’m having thoughts again about that “greener pasture,” but with the idea of needing that grateful heart on that very night – all because I am seriously TIRED.

Then a close friend wrote a comment saying, “Be grateful that you do not experience traffic on your way home. I am grateful that I have a home.”

She’s totally right. I, living in the surrounding area of my office actually walked that night due to the long waiting line for tricycle. It actually gave me a short moment to Walk and Pray. She, experiencing the daily chaos on the road – travelling EDSA and Commonwealth, going to the far and unfair Fairview – is glad knowing that her kids are joyfully waiting for her.

I should be grateful.

I should not dwell on what is missing and sensationalize my emotions for the things that could be here or circumstance that should be happening. I do not want to be that kind of woman who can no longer see the blessings but only the inconvenience of life. NEVER.


‘Twas not my first time being a third wheel. In fact, I spent a week with a couple during our tri-city tour in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand three years ago.

Being a third wheel sometimes put you in an awkward situation when they are fighting or quarreling over little issues such as where to eat and what to eat. But I am grateful because in my recent trip to Boracay, I am third wheeling with my parents – they are treating me with meals! – in between their small conflicts. 😀 (Don’t worry, I am used to it. Minutes after, you will find them giggling and sweet to each other again.)

Being a third wheel develops your skill as a photographer even if you are not a photo blogger. So grateful to have this instant training ground with these two!

May dahon at branches effect pa ko. 🙂
Bato-bato sa langit effect

Being a third wheel does not limit you to capture moments with either of them. No one will get jealous, anyway.

I am grateful for we are spending money for this kind of getaway, not on hospital bills and the like. ❤

(Swipe left to see more.)

So what’s with the blog title?

(Gosh, I need to make some great connections. The consequence of having a bully inside me. HAHAHA.)

(Wait. Ehem…)

I am grateful for in the middle of #TheSeason, I was able to spend time with my favorite couple at my favorite island. Though I was the one with the least number of photos (and mostly not in good quality), my heart is rejoicing because still, I am a third wheel and not a third party, else, I won’t be able to show any picture. Not even one. HAHA. 😛


Were you full of complains lately about life in general? Join me as I start this month with a positive perspective –

– to laugh more;
– to whine less;
– to rejoice always; and
– to give thanks in all circumstances.



11 thoughts on “Rejoice! I Am A Third Wheel, Not A Third Party

  1. “Be grateful that you do not experience traffic on your way home. I am grateful that I have a home.”

    I love this. Sobrang nagbago ‘yung perspective ko on traffic. Na.. Oo nga, at least kahit nasa traffic ako, may uuwian ako. Ang ganda.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For me, we should be grateful for what we are enjoying, however basic and simple it may be – not because and despite that others don’t have it. In that way, we could be a channel of blessings for those who have less and not just extend a mere sympathy or compassion, yet we’re not doing anything for them – just mourning as they mourn. We may feel sorry for them, yes; but it should not limit us to be grateful for ourselves.

      I have realization last Saturday, which is similar to what you are pointing out. It will be published this coming Friday. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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