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Dependence, Addiction And What Not

Journal Entry
July 24, 2017

So, for unknown reason, the battery of my phone got bloated. It became swollen to the point that I’m having a hard time to lock the back case. Been hearing about the news regarding exploding mobiles. So for my own safety, I turned it off, despite knowing that I don’t have any spare unit to use.

Can I make it tonight? I should. Or else, I might not sleep properly because of anxiety.

[Give me an honest answer, guys. If you happen to forget your mobile at home and leave for office or school, will your day be the same as it normally is? It happened to me, I admit. But since my place of residence is just a cartwheel away from my work, I had to get it during lunch break. And my whole morning was different.]

I survived not having a social media for forty two days, but not a total phone. I mean, it has been my alarm clock for years. How will I inform Ladeth that I’m already in the vicinity of ULCC for her to go down to the cafeteria and have a breakfast with me? How will I communicate throughout the day or snap a shot of an Instagram-worthy flatlay or scenery? My phone has been my storage of memos, quotations, reminders, unfinished writings, random thoughts, and other notes. I need it for Grab or Uber. [No, I cannot ride a taxi alone. I won’t.] I need it for online banking; for blogging; for video editing. Most importantly, it has an online Bible app that has been useful for me anytime and anywhere.


Thinking about it, seems like I’ve been dependent on this little handy mechanical thingy that my day might feel incomplete without it. I remember, once, I told God to help me manage my time because as I see it, I’m beginning to indulge again on social media for hours every night, which affects my moment that’s supposedly for prayer and devotion to His Word.


Well, I’ve just read John 9:3 today and learned that bad things happen so that the work of God might be displayed in our lives. So contrary to my old self that probably is already pissed off and frustrated now, I am excited for what the Lord will do next. 🙂


*Green phrases are added from the original journal entry.


5 thoughts on “Dependence, Addiction And What Not

  1. I once forgot my phone at home when I was rushing to go out on important errands and I felt so…naked! I had to do manual computations (I was enrolling my sister in school), had to rack my brains so I can write down my to do list on a scrap of paper, walk to the bank to withdraw money instead of transferring online, etc. Made me realize just how dependent I’ve been! My mantra for the day was “God gave me a brain, I can work around this.” 😂

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    1. HAHAHA. Doc Lyn! I feel you! Mobile calculator and planner are valuable. Can’t trust my finance-specialist-brain-cells for a simple mathematical equation. I. NEED. MY. PHONE.


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