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Flashlight of Hope

Journal Entry
June 26, 2017

No matter how many times I watch it, the ending performance of Barden Bella on Pitch Perfect 2 makes my eyes perspire. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, SM Town’s ending song entitled Hope touches my heart.

The similarity? I see people coming together.


This, and Pitch Perfect 2 – ❤ #HolidayBeLike

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When Bellas in all ages sang together in one stage and when all active groups of SM Entertainment joyfully ends the show in one stage, I can’t explain how happy I am that I wanted to cry. It’s the same feeling I have when Filipinos unite while supporting a Ms. Universe candidate during a pageant and the same emotion I have whenever the nation, in one voice, is cheering Manny Pacquiao on a Sunday afternoon.

Unity for the world, despite of our differences.
Unity for the country, regardless of our social status.
Unity for the next generation, whatever struggle we are going through in our individual lives.

Is it still possible?

[I don’t know about you. But] with the Martial Law that has been imposed upon Mindanao; with all the terrorisms, political warfare down to the relationship issues on the smallest form of society, which is family, I still declare that the God I know is a Jehovah Shalom. A prince of peace.

With Him, nothing is impossible.


*Green phrases are added from the original journal entry.

Watch SM Town Live in Tokyo below as they sing Hope. 🙂


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