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South Korea #OOTDs

I’m asking for your forgiveness as early as this point, readers. It’s my first time doing this… and probably the last as well. LOL! Permit me! I really wanna do this! HAHAHA.

Though I’m far from the great influencers in this area of blogging, namely Kryzzie, Nicole Andersson and Laureen Uy, I’m very glad with the outcome of this you-don’t-have-any-choice photo shoot with my 13-year old niece. 🙂

With pride and honor…

Gosh, this is embarrassing…

Okay, here it is…


1 airport1
“Braso ang Panlaban”

Weeks before my flight, I had a conversation with my equally KDrama-fantard-friend about this airport fashion known from Korean celebrities. It is usually comes with an all-black attire partnered with white sneakers.

1 airport2
Adidas cap, Genevieve Gozum top, Jag rippes jeans, AA’s Clothing Manila blazer, Lazada back pack, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers (Thanks Ate Joy! :)), Globetrotter World Traveller wrist watch
1 airport3
I just so love how the airplane moves as the clock’s second.
1 myeongdong
Perfect for Day 1’s strolling at Myeongdong shopping area.


I’m quite obsessed with whites during the 2nd day of our trip. Aside from the summer season, it was just nice to wear this combination while mesmerizing the beauty of  Korean Palaces and Bukchon Hanok Village.


“Amor Powers, is that you?”
Top from Tiendesitas, Sunnies, Forever 21 fedora, Pazzo shorts, Madisson wristwatch, Debenhams sling bag


I am actually wearing my jade bracelet from Bangkok almost every day. Thanks mommy and daddy!
Why so sad, Mr. Teddy?


THIS, ladies and gentlemen. Give way to one of my biggest dream – the Hanbok experience!

3 hanbok1
Disclaimer: I’m wearing my thick white top inside so I’m quite confused if I look like a rich princess or a fat servant here. HAHAHA.

3 hanbok2

4 hanbok5-01
More of my Hanbok experience on my next blog!


This is my favorite! And so I made sure to collect lots of picture with this outfit. Third day’s itinerary includes Nami Island, Petite France and The Garden of Morning Calm.

5 nami1

5 nami2

5 nami3


5 nami5
H&M dress, Forever 21 fedora, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

5 nami6

Dear Bookworms, notice my background?
The Peacemaker – as peaceful as the Garden of Morning Calm. Haha. 🙂


DMZ, the boundary between North and South Korea has many restrictions in terms of clothing. Shorts and sleeveless are not allowed. Length of skirts and dresses should be below the knee. Ripped Jeans and other rugged apparels are prohibited.

6 dmz1

6 dmz2
Debenhams top, leggings from tiangge (I bought this at Sta. Maria Bulacan’s perya during the town’s fiesta, which I guess was already 3-years ago), Sunnies, Cookoo wristwatch
6 dmz3
John Dee actually asked me how many watches I brought for this trip. LOL. Btw, Cookoo has a bluetooth function that connects to a mobile phone. 🙂
Namsan Tower’s Observatory – it was actually raining like storm levels outside so we weren’t able to ride the cable car.
6 dmz5
So nice to feel young. 🙂
6 dmz6
You will see my Stole the Scene (the red one on my lap) on my video blog, which will be published maybe at the end of this month.


Our 5th day in South Korea was spent mainly on shopping at Namdaemun and Insadong with side trip at Korean Folk Village. Shorts and shirt is the most comfortable pair for this activity. 🙂

7 insadong1

7 insadong2
Shirt from CCF Beyond, Lee shorts, Sunnies


Taking pictures during any trip is natural to capture memories and to have something to look back in the future. Collecting these and seeing these photos again years from now will most likely give me a huge smile, remembering that once in my life, I became a fashion blogger. Charot! 😀



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