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Postcards From South Korea

It actually started with a thoughtless dare to my then 6-grader niece that if she graduated as the Valedictorian of her batch, we will be going to South Korea.

So be it. I was caught off guard. Great thing I always have this bunch of kaladkarin friends with me. A fulfilled promise and Beki Bodies 2017 in one event! I’m surely the happiest! 🙂

Myeongdong 2

We decided to vacate Day 1 in our itinerary in the event of delayed flight. Myeongdong Shopping Area is just a walk away from our guesthouse. It offers a variety of products from cosmetics, apparel, souvenir items and street foods.

What happened? HAHAHA. It’s facial mask hoarding time! Thanks to Innisfree’s weekend sale! 😀

Myeongdong 1
“Dream catchers! Will you really catch my dream?”
Myeongdong 3
Omo omo omo…

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Have you watched Love in the Moonlight? I guess most of the scenes were taken here at Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Gyeongbokgung Palace 2


Walking in the pavement of  Bukchon Hanok Village actually gives me a fresh vibe of Sungkyungkwan Scandal. Song Joong Ki oppa, where are yah?


Changdeokgun Palace is smaller than Gyeongbokgung. What’s nice about this place is it is more quiet and relaxing, maybe because it is not as crowded as the first one.

“Pyeha, neo geogi issni?”

Nami Island 5

It’s Nami Island! But oh… it’s summer. Those yellow, orange and pink leaves are gone.

Nami Island 3

Nonetheless, the tall trees, birds’ sounds, and the fragrance of fresh air provide a soothing and comforting sensation – so nice to be reminded that I am away from the city. Cherry Blossoms, mark my word, I will see you very soon. 🙂

Petite France 1

Petite France is a French-style themed park near Nami Island. What made me want being here? Runningman!!! Remember the episode when Ji Hyo had to search for Little Prince’s costumes? How hard it was for her to complete the task while the other members were singing and dancing below and actually failed to help her at all. Woah! I wanna watch that episode again. 😀

Petite France 2

Petite France 3

An episode from Man from the Stars was also taken here. 🙂


People, do not leave South Korea without going to The Garden of Morning Calm.


Tell me, who wouldn’t love this picturesque view? This actually made me want to retire to a farm.


The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) serves as the buffer zone between North and South Korea. You may see North Korea here via binoculars. Sharing of music and news between the dividing nation is being done in this area.

Symbolic structure of the desire to unify North and South Korea.

I encourage everyone to visit this place as it gives you a clear notion on what really happened between the two. Going inside the tunnels was a great encounter. Going outside was hilarious! You have to experience it yourself! I have one word for you – “Fighting!” 😀

Hello Kitty Island 2

I was never a fan of this character but seriously, i loved Hello Kitty Island! Every corner and every angle is Instagrammable! (I can hear Eliana’s voice saying, “Ninang, it’s Instagram-worthy, not Instagrammable.” LOL.)

Hello Kitty Island 1
Can I take this home?
Namsan Tower 3
The famous tower! Believe me, it’s raining like crazy when we’re here.

In the middle of Namsan Tower, you will find these interconnected padlocks with sweet messages and notes. Known as the Love Lock, I wonder how many of them really lived happily ever after. LOL. Never mind.

Namsan Tower 5
“Walang poreber. Don’t be deceived.” – Ampalaya

Namsan Tower 4


Korean Folk Village is a go-to spot for field trips and cultural tours. In here, we were able to watch a traditional wedding ceremony and martial arts on horse back presentation. Other special events and entertaining shows are available by season.


Namdaemun is like the Divisoria of Manila. You will find here the cheapest articles in both retail and wholesale basis. This is the place where we bought chopsticks set, socks, Kpop and Kdrama items, ref magnets and street foods.


Insadong is a shopping area that is more spacious and organized than Namdaemun. You will find here antiques and other pieces and elements for interior designing. Insadong is also known for fashion clothing and variety of restaurants.

Insadong 2

At this point of writing, I feel the pressing urge to go back to South Korea as soon as possible! There are still many tourist spots and places to go, food to eat and items to buy! HAHAHA. Promo fares, take me back please…

Wanna have an Excel copy of our itinerary? Leave your email address on the comment section below or ask for it via 🙂

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