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The past week has been a manifestation of God’s grace in my life. It showers me anytime, anywhere and whoever I am with. From the simplest form of it, I am always in awe with a feeling of delight that indisputably, He is alive and He sees me.

First, I am known in the office as someone who always brings an umbrella whenever I go out during break time. One day, I totally forgot about it. Just in time when we were about to cross Pioneer Street from Bayanihan Center to Starbucks, a huge cloud covered the sun and it immediately made me smile, saying to my friends, “Ang bait ng Lord sakin. Hindi niya ko hinayaang maarawan.” Ladeth actually answered back, “Sayo lang talaga? Hindi ba pwedeng sating tatlo?” Then we both chuckled.

Second, Quits and I went to SM Aura to watch Fast & Furious 8. We arrived 2-hours before the movie schedule but the remaining available seats were all front rows. We still decided to buy two tickets with humour in our minds as we envision how hard it will be – looking up for the whole duration of the show. True enough, it was painful. The trailers were not yet over when we asked the security guard if we can sit up in the stairs since we are already experiencing headaches. He never allowed us for safety purposes. As an alternative, he permitted us to sit temporarily on the last row since there were still five vacant seats, but we have to transfer if the owners arrive. Surprisingly, those spaces became available until the movie ended. For unknown reason, we actually had the best chairs. Quits said in her giggling voice, “Ang sarap maging highly favoured sa Lord.”

chase theThat experience was followed by another grace-filled encounter when we went to Switchfoot Concert at BGC. We were already satisfied with the way we were standing outside the concert hall when the security told us that we can go inside – no ticket needed. Woah! Both laughing and holding hands, we hurriedly went inside and eventually found a spot right in front of the stage. I could not contain the overflowing grace!

Lastly, when my family and I were on our way to Bataan to surprise Papa Berting on his birthday, there were woods being scattered in NLEX. It seems like a truck loading those woods were not aware that some have fallen on the road. The journey became like a maze, avoiding each piece without neglecting the danger it might cause. We were two vehicles on convoy and we were checking on each other from time-to-time. We noticed that a number of vehicles moved to the side to check their tires. We felt relieved that we survived the challenge. Unexpectedly, after passing the San Fernando Exit toll gate, the other car stopped – one of the front tires was flat. Guess what! There were vulcanizing shops on both sides of the lane! As we all decided to get out and have a break while waiting, everyone were in gratitude condition, thinking, “Sakto yung pagka-flat, nakalabas na tayo ng NLEX. At may vulcanizing shop pa!”

I realized that I do not need a teleserye-like-life-and-death situation in order for me to fully experience God’s grace. It is abundant. It is overflowing. In my day-to-day life, it is what I really need.

For waking me up each morning,
For protecting me throughout the evening,
For the sun that shines
And for the air I breathe,
Your grace is enough for me. ❤


18 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Wow! Grace shows in the most unexpected ways. And you know, what made me click this blog entry is that today I am also thinking about grace and how awesome God is! Saktong sakto. I think God is telling me something. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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