Prose & Poetry

Yours and Mine

Who would’ve thought that an introvert like you
Could be so close to an extrovert like me?
You keep on smiling and listen to me attentively
And it gives me excitement when you finally tell a story

Who would’ve thought that a couch potato like me
Could love workouts and appreciate physical activities?
Like the way you are taking care of your body
That it also made me hate pork and adore veggies

You’ll choose chocolates over a bag of chips
You desire staycation rather than outdoor trips
You crave for a slice of cake than a pint of ice cream
You like blue, orange and violet
As much as I am obsessed with green

You prefer your swissmiss hot
And I want mine iced cold
You want every argument not to last overnight
As I hang onto silence,
keeping all words untold


Truly, we have a lot of differences
And it complements our personalities
The same feeling of delight and enthusiasm
As we discover our little similarities

One day,
When all things were put into place
And all our pasts leave no trace
Here I am,
that in the perfection of time
I will be yours
and you will be mine.


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