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Overcoming Hardships

Have you ever imagined receiving advices from someone who is younger than you? Well, a lot younger, I should say. Check the guest blog entry below and be amazed on how simple (yet powerful!) it is to overcome harships in the perspective of a 10-year old girl.

“Why do we fall? So that we can pick ourselves back up again.” – Batman

Earlier in my life, I experienced hardships in my family. Yet, here I am now, an honor student. Yes, my parents may be separated, but here I am, overcoming the adversity. Wanna know how I did it? Follow these tips:

  • Pray

Have a talk with God. Once, my teacher told me, “Every night and every morning, God is waiting for you.” Just like a normal meeting, He is waiting for us, knowing that we are having hardships in life and we need someone to talk to. He waits for us like every 8 in the evening or so. But sometimes we do not come to Him. In a typical scenario, the person we are meeting with might think we are just late. Well, of course, God knows if we’re just late or… you know. So pray to God! He’s not gonna spill your secrets or something. Just talk to Him like a friend.

  • Just, well, keep it out of your mind.

Don’t think about it often. That just gives you stress. Just, well, yeah. Keep it out of your mind.

Simple, right? But the simplicity of these words made me think on why I complicate things most of the time. Sometimes, we just really need to ponder and to contemplate like how we are when we were young. For we know that back then, we are dependent on others. Yup, self-dependence is a very dangerous thing. Let’s all learn from Iyah! She’s depending so much from her Father above. 🙂

About The Author: Isabelle Espino is a 5th-grader, consistent honor student who loves reading books. She is part of Student Council and a yearly recipient of Servant Leadership Award and Principal Character Award in her school. This article was first published in her blog two years ago.


2 thoughts on “Overcoming Hardships

  1. Simple. This is why I love talking to kids, they are full of wisdom without them being braggy about it or most of the time without them knowing it. 🙂

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