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The Playlist Of My Heart

"As long as your heart beats, you are capable of loving." I specially admire this woman because despite of all her heartbreaks and heartaches, she chose to love and never gave up on love. ---------- Isang araw, nabasa ko itong quote na 'to sa isang text. Buhat noon, tumimo na sya sa isipan ko. “Someday,… Continue reading The Playlist Of My Heart

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Overcoming Hardships

Have you ever imagined receiving advices from someone who is younger than you? Well, a lot younger, I should say. Check the guest blog entry below and be amazed on how simple (yet powerful!) it is to overcome harships in the perspective of a 10-year old girl. "Why do we fall? So that we can pick… Continue reading Overcoming Hardships

Life Lessons · Relationships

A Forgiveness Project: To Be Forgiven Is To Forgive

Everyone, at some point, has been hurt by and has caused pain to someone. Oftentimes, a sincere apology could mend a broken heart and could put things back to its own place. Though there are instances when sorry, however genuine it may be, won’t be enough to patch wounds and restore relationships. Which is harder,… Continue reading A Forgiveness Project: To Be Forgiven Is To Forgive