Life Lessons · Relationships

Over-the-Meal Reflection

In a span of 1-week, there are two people who have been sending me messages. Both are angry at me. One I considered an enemy, another is very dear to my heart; similar happening but different feeling and response.

I feel like laughing out loud to the rants of the first. It actually makes me giggle imagining how intense he was while typing those words against me. I feel like crying on the outburst of the other. It makes me sob with the idea on how irritated and annoyed he was.

I am not replying to either of them. The exchange of messages won’t end if I’ll say things to the first. No one will surrender on proving who’s right or who’s wrong. Continuing the conversation is definitely non-sense. On the other hand, I was so hurt to the second that no words can come out to my mind but a plain “Sorry.” Or maybe I’m becoming too careful to say anything, which might probably brings further pain to myself or to him or to both of us.


Essentially, I am saving myself from the stresses that I can get from the first person while I am saving myself and the second person for wounding each other more and more.

I realized that the way I respond to a certain situation varies depending on the person involved and my relationship with him/her.

Ultimately, I realized that something’s wrong with me or maybe the way I communicate or the way I comprehend things, which causes conflict and ignites fight with other people. More often than not, I resort to withdrawal. Silence. I don’t know.

I guess it’s still better to tame my tongue than to speak without love and kindness.


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