Short Stories


Hey there.

Do we know each other?
Hmmm… I’m not sure either.

-his story-

We’ve been in a relationship for five years.
I used to wait for her in a train station for four hours because she’s busy in the office.
She’s a spender, I could say.
I noticed that she’s busy exchanging messages in her phone.
When she walked away for something, I checked it and it’s a woman’s name, saying “I love you.”
I searched in her laptop and saw a well-hidden folder of pictures.
There’s a guy back-hugging her.
I saw a lot more photos of them.
Her officemate, a soon-to-get-married guy.
When she came back, I asked her to explain and I promised that I will not get mad.
But I’m seriously sad.
She said our relationship is already getting boring.
This guy promised her that he’ll break up with his fiancé.
They even had a local trip with their officemates, something I am not aware of.
I asked if the fiancé knows something about it.
She said the woman is clueless, doesn’t know a thing.
Even their officemates do not know that something is going on between them, since they know the fact that he’s getting married.
I asked her to stop communicating with him.
She can’t.
We ended up in separation.
I learned that the guy and his fiancé also separated.
After 5-months, she came to me, asking for reconciliation.
I was on my rebellion stage that time, drinking alcohol here and there.
I said no to her.
Her mother even asked me what happened and told me to reunite with her.
I said it was my fault for falling in love with another woman.
I took the blame.
I don’t have any news about them after those incidents.


-her story-

We’ve been in a relationship for 8-years and finally decided to settle down.
On his birthday, he chose to spend the night with his officemates instead of me, which made me mad and sad, silently.
I sensed that his attention is somewhere else whenever we’re together.
He is always busy with his phone.
I dug onto his email account and social media accounts.
I saw his conversation with friends talking about a woman he’s in so much interest.
Not me, but an officemate.
They’re in the same department.
He admitted he likes her, a one-sided affection.
I begged them to stop communicating with each other.
I even called the woman.
In a pleading voice, I said, “He likes you. It will be difficult for him to withdraw because he likes you. Please be the one to create the space and boundaries between the two of you.”
In all fairness, they tried.
But they really can’t.
I went hysterically igniting fight with him, with his friends and with the woman.
I did crazy things online, wanting to know the details and seeking revenge at the same time.
Not so long, we mutually agreed to separate.
Deep within, I want him to apologize and choose me instead.
It didn’t happen.
Months after the break up, I begged for reconciliation.
He said no.
I don’t know what happened next.
No confirmation as well if they’ve been an item.
Realizing that I misunderstood everything that took place and that my paranoia hit me that I did such disgrace online, I asked for their forgiveness – to him, to his friends and to the woman.
Forgiveness is one thing; going back to where we started is another.
I decided to move forward and deal with the consequences of my wrong actions.
Yes, I’m taking the blame.


We have a quite similar story.
With tiny differences.

Not to sound boastful but I look better than the guy.
The woman is pretty. Plus, she’s young, an important point to mention.

Two years after, I met another woman I loved.
Three years have passed but I still carry this fear in my heart to love and feel loved again.

That’s horrible!
No, I’m seriously happy.
You know what? I believe that nothing is accident.
‘Twas a big turning point of my life that I’m very grateful of.
I agree.
Everything happens for a reason and God’s plan is way better than ours.

Your field, by the way?
Accounting. Finance.

Like her.
Your current girlfriend?

Nope, like my 5-year ex-girlfriend.
Seriously? My 8-year former boyfriend too.
Wait, are we talking about the same people here?

Do you have a picture of him?
I don’t have any.

How about his Facebook account?
He doesn’t have anymore. Or maybe he has, but I don’t know. I’m not interested.

Show me her picture instead.
Forget it.
It’s an exercise in futility.

Moving on, tell me the story of your current girlfriend.
You meant the one after my 5-year relationship?

It ended a year ago.
Coffee, you like?


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